Thursday, April 9, 2009

long day with lil bro

Yes! I airbrushed Kenshi's picture on a wall!

And yes! I'm the new cover-boy of Vogue!

Hehe! No! I'm just kidding! I played around with PhotoFunia, which is really a lot of fun. My dearest cowboy JC mentioned it first and my bro Justyn reminded me, that I wanted to take a look at it. It's worth it!

So, lets open the book of Gor-Tales and talk about yesterday. Already told about the collaring of Mick. After the ceremony I brought him to the infirmery, tied him on a table, cooled his nipples with some ice-cubes and pierced his nipples and his belly. Is a manhood thingens; there are mystery-tales, that ancient Roman centurios did it to prove their masculinity, but I guess that's not true. However, we had fun. And no, it wasn't as bloody as it looks on the table. *grins*

Soooo, what else? Been captured together with my new boy. Sexy Ades and nice Eili (of course neither sexy nor nice IC) dragged us to their thief's castle. But somehow it was too messy in the chat with six (!!!) captives they made and some outlaws from Farad joining. Too bad! I would have liked Ades to take some more advantage of that St. Andrew's Cross I was tied to... *heh*

Later Mick and me jumped in kimonos to head over to ZEUS club for japanese night, meeting Spanki and Heloq again. Too bad that the place is always so laggy. Turned every graphics down to zero and still hard to move. But nice there anyways.

Had to interrupt for a rescue-mission. Rio captured (again!) and me and my boy went to Farad Hills for trade - or whatever. No idea about trading yet, so I wasn't disappointed, that noone was there and we just had to pick some locks to free Rio & Leo (Master Deakins, Lord of Silver Tree).

And from that following DJ Arcangelo's call to MenDance - now "JustBe" or something - where we arrived just in our Gor-gear. Mmmmm, Mick looked so shmexie dancing in his silks. *purrrrs*

So, another long day it was. Missed my Kenshi, but it was "Master & his boy"-day. A day to celebrate. And that we did!

Though I'm busy all the time and don't have time for as many things to do I wanted to do - I'm pretty happy and having good times!

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