Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gor RP

Had not much of RP on Gor these days. The last time for a longer RP was last wednesday. Rio, the first sabre of Silver Tree was captured by a man-eater. *eeeeewwwwww* Not that I wouldn't chew on some special bodyparts of Rio too, but cannibalism? Is there a new Hannibal Lector book/movie out or why is cannibalism becoming so popular on Gor these days?

Another thing I recognized: Everyone's turning outlaw. Whole cities suddenly outlaw. *sigh* But I understand... being outlaw is much more fun then trying to be an honest citizen. And as soon as we settled down in Silver Tree (which is still in built), I might try a drug, which beclouds my mind, so that I'll turn evil for a while, capturing and raping... So every Gorean out there who hasn't "no rape" in his limits, beware! *heh*

However... the rescue-mission wasn't the best RP. I don't claim to be such a good RPer, mostly because english isn't my first language. I might be much better, if I shouldn't have to look up some words of the others or find the right words for myself. Deleting much more of my chat as I usually do. *sighs* But there are some basics in RP and I claim, that I understand them well. Like when someone says to me "Lets fly over to the isle!" (and he didn't mean a tarn!).... my toe-nails scroll up. Or when they say "He isn't here, I don't see him on the mini-map!".... I get cramps in my guts. Not starting to talk about trying to tp me, when I'm just 80 meters away in the middle of a combat, or - worse - trying to tp me, when I'm trying to sneak up behind someone and catch him by surprise.

Sooooo, it wasn't the best RP. The only highlight for a short moment was meeting Misha at the docks of the dark path. I so had to laugh at my screen, as I heard someone screaming for help and he said, it was just some larls in heat. *heh* (btw. - I KNOW how larls in heat sound. I'm brothered to some wildcats. *lol* ---- For none-Goreans: Larls are a kind of sabretooth-tigers)

But after all I had fun. Looking forward to more RP as soon as we settled down in ST and when I'm ready with all the other stuff I have to do....

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