Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Oh my, what a drama the last 24 hours! I really don't like it. It's like wasted time for me. In short sentences:

Someone tried to manipulate us again. We have an aversion against that. I stayed quite calm, but my Kenshi got pretty upset. So, today we left Silver Tree.

Tried to smooth my hubby for the next hours, then he invited his new slave into our penthouse. I wasn't happy about it, cause I didn't want even more drama. Well, the brat behaved like a griefer, showing us his gadgets to push others around and stuff like that. Should have been funny. Wasn't. And running around in the house, opening doors, entering rooms uninvited. Why do some AVs think, that's okay? Would you do that in RL also? He was warned and finally ejected. So much about Kenshi's second boy. *heh*

Trying to stay calm. Trying to just listen and hold. But at the end it just seems like a big, big waste of time and energy to get upset about such non-important things. RL sucks often enough; why waste your SL-time with manipulative people? And even writing about it in this blog is a waste of time.

Soooooo... Now we even more encouraged to finish our island. And hopefully find some relaxed comfy-time and in the future some good RP!

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