Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hmmmm, wanted to write more in my blog. Now I got a bit time and dunno what to write...

My hubbie and my lil bros Mick and Brian left for a short vacation this morning. Giving me some time to breath. I mentioned it the other day in an article, that I feel a bit burnt out and it didn't get better. As much as I love to spend time with my beloved ones, but sometimes you do need some time to breath too. Oh, and yes... you can't switch of RL. Of course it is much nicer to spend time with your beloved ones then to manage annoying RL stuff like cleaning your office, writing bills, doing your laundry and stuff like that, but I pushed that away week after week after week. Is no good to do that. So as my family loves me, they granted me a kind of "vacation" also in taking a spontanuous trip for a week. I already miss them and at the same time enjoy being master of my own time and do what I want. After their return, I'll change my "schedule" a bit, giving myself at least 4 hours a day for RL-stuff (well, + my RL-work on weekends of course), and at least 2 hours a day for building.

Building always calms and relaxes me. I'm very focused, when I do it, and I'm happy, when I have a result at the end and the feeling, I created something. I was promised to get time for continuing the island again and again, but there was always something to keep me from building in the last weeks. These days I finally can continue and feel good with it. The island becomes better and better and although it isn't opened officially, we often have curious visitors. Don't know, how they find us.

What else? Hm.... Some "friends" defriending. Asking them for the reason, I get the answer - if at all - that *I* won't be interested in friendship anyways, as I'm silent for weeks. Hm, okay. Well, first of all, when someone writes me, I always answer (except when I'm sleeping, of course. Most time, when I wake up and see the IMs I got over night, it's too late to answer). So, the silence is both ways! And second: Those who are real friends know, that my schedule is full and I'm a bit exhausted. A real friend would know and accept and respect that. So I think, those who defriend because of not enuff attention they get, are not a big loss. If a friend really needs me, I'm the first who interrupts everything to be there for him. But I don't have the time to spend hours with small-talk. I wished I had, but I haven't.

Well, talking of time... it is! Time for RL-work. *oomph* Nice weekend @ all!

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