Sunday, August 30, 2009


Weekend is almost over. Only another 9 hours of RL-work then I can relax again. Yay!

So, what happened the last days after our move from Silver Tree? Hm, mostly building, building, building. I'm a bit proud of what becomes out of the Isle of Tidra. It's becoming as beautiful as dangerous place. So, when it's ready, I hope brothers and friends have time to RP or just hang out there. When it's doing progress like the last days, then it hopefully will get ready this following week.

Hmmmm, I love to adjust poseballs with my Kenshi. That's the best part of building! But most of the time we need hoooooours to adjust a single pair of poseballs like here "resolution" from Bits & Bobs. I wonder how it cums comes, that it always takes so long... ;)

Late night I was always looking for a place to dance, but always the european clubs just closed while the american clubs were not open yet. Makes me feel like the club-scene is going down. Thinking of the times, when I went to clubs at 11 pm CET and had to fight lag because of a crowded place with 30-40 visitors. Where are they now???

On wednesday I was almost about to give up, when I got a surprising invitation to LanceH Horan's new club. Or was it just his wedding-party? Dunno. However, was nice to see him again after months. But my Kenshi got tired soon, so we headed home for bed after a while.

Thursday I couldn't sleep. Too many things always on my mind. That's why I love building - forgetting everything around me. After two hours turning around and around in bed I gave up and stood up. And right that moment came an invitation to Tiger's Island with DJ Syriana. Love that woman, so I grabbed some speedos and rushed over to dance. I was quiet most of the times as I was sleepy, but it was fun. Especially the monkeys throwing coconuts at me. *giggles*

What else is new? Hm, seems like the funeral we've been and which made my Kenshi and my lil bro Mick very sad, was all a fake. Okay... how sick in mind do you have to be to fake your RL-death in SL?!? That guy has about 20 alts in SL if not even more and he is pretty alive.

kk - have to get ready for RL-work. Everyone a nice sunday! *licks*

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