Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the weekend

In spite of all the RL-work as usual on weekends, it should have become a great weekend. Celebrating my family's return from holidays... But as often it came different.

My Kenshi returned late night on friday when I was just about to go to bed. So we just talked for a moment, then laid down at the beach.

On saturday he convinced me to take part at the sexiest Gor contest (don't forget to vote daily!), so I quickly took some pictures before I went to work again.

Returning saturday night my boy Mick welcomed me with the message, that Bryan Molko, a citizen of our homestone Silver Tree, had died of cancer in RL this weekend.

Whole Silver Tree mourned, but for some reason my lil devil was very sad about it.

It made me think a lot about lost friends and family. In SL and in RL. I'm glad, there was someone to tell us about the loss, otherwise we would never have known it. Like with the partner of a friend of mine, who prolly died at the end of last year, but noone knows anything about it. He just vanished. - So, how about you? If something happens... an accident or some sudden death... will your SL-friends get informed about it? Do you even care? Or do you think, it doesn't matter? I often think about it, when I drive with 100 mph over the autobahn... thinking "What, if I had an accident? None of my friends or family will ever know!" So, I guess, I'll have to make some arrangements. Hoping, that they are never needed, but just in case...

However, yesterday (monday) we had a memorial for Bryan, wishing him a last time "safe paths", wherever he is now.

So, to keep my lil devil a bit distracted, I went shopping with him. We bought some nice leather-stuff, and my other boy Brian saw it and wanted it also. So I have two very sexy boys on earth now also.

And as the boys looked so good in it, Kenshi and me got it also. Late at night we finally went dancing at "JustBe". After all it was our three months wedding-anniversary! Strange that I didn't know ANYBODY there at JustBe, but there was no other club active at that time. Too late for Europeans, too early for Americans.

Well, and that's it. Not much more to tell. Continued building on the isle today a bit. It's getting better and better. Hopefully it's getting ready soon!


Nidge Darkfold said...

Shortly after coming to SL I realised that as none of my RL friends or family are in-world, no one would know if anything happened to me. I have entrusted two of my closest friends with RL details of some of my SL friends and family (after gaining permission to do so) so at least someone will know and be able to tell others. It is hard enough in RL to keep track of people, but it seems harder in a virtual world where you suddenly cease to be and no one has a point of contact to find out why you are missing.

I knew Bryan only briefly as a fellow apprentice in Tabor and was deeply shocked and saddened to receive the notice on Saturday.

Rammy said...

I have thought about this subject too - in fact I added a comment but must have pushed the wrong button or something because it evaporated.

It is frightening to have people disappear and never know what has happened.

Franziskus said...

@Rammy: you did, bro. Just under the wrong thread... 1 deeper.