Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new styles

After some anger about Gor (again. Will tell later about it), I spent two very good days with my beloved. Just shopping, playing, dancing, enjoying each other.

We got both two new haircuts - one for human, one for neko. And also new fluffy tails. Can't stop playing with my hubbies tail, when he's a kitten. Can't stop playing with it, when he's human either... *heh*

Went also to the 24/7 prison, where I'm a guard. The place changed a lot and is a spaceship now. Hmmmm, gives us new ideas for RPs. Catching a straight guy on earth and abduct him to a far away planet, where he will end as slave... something like that.

So, we wanted some "futuristic" stuff, appropreate for a space-ship... and came to that latex-shop. Yummy! Couldn't help buying a lot. And as we were wearing it, we couldn't help other things. Well, if you see the pics, you will understand why:

After the fun, we made some more pics in our human form. Like our new haircut, which is the same for both of us. My Kenshi looks so much younger and I'm a bit concerned, that everyone would like to enslave the head-slaver now... *heh*

Turned into neko then to make some kitteh-pics. Just played with the environment-settings and suddenly had this picture on my screen, which is kinda interesting. Maybe it's like a kitten sees the world?

Turned back to normal environment and shot this pic. Not much of a photographer, I know, but I like it. Call it "Cats on a Hot Tin Roof":

Oh, and undusted my very first AV, who became only two weeks old, because of some RL-stalker. Showed it to Kenshi. Can you tell who's who?

Okay, that's it for now. My Kenshi is already waiting for me, but there's more to come soon. Promise!


Heloq Tomsen said...

Great look Franzi & Kenshi!!!!

Justyn Maurer said...

Lookin hawt in latex! Yeah, Elixir is addictive, I had to stop mahself buying most of the stuff there.

Oh btw...that first pic of you n Kenshi as kittehs...absolutely luv it!