Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiger's Isle is dead, long live Tiger's island

This was the last picture I made from Tiger's Isle before the Tiger left eight months ago. I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago, but had no time to finish it.

So, a few weeks ago the old Tiger's Isle closed it's doors and Q & Rickie built a new Tiger's Island. The last party was a saturday-night... I've forgotten, how many weeks ago... time's running so fast, when you're busy all the time... however, I know it was sunday-morning for me. VERY morning (6 am). But as I stood up (at 9 am) I couldn't help it and visited Tiger's Isle a last time (after a long time). Was a bit nervous to see Q and Rickie again, but it was a good decision, I think. Said hello, hugged and made kinda peace with them and in myself.

My lil bro Mick was at my side. We danced a while and then it was time for the clean-up, taking back all my stuff which was still there. I thought it would be hard, but it wasn't. Time changes, especially in SL it changes fast. And things progressing. Something goes and something new comes up. Sometimes love and friendship ends and something bigger and better grows out of it.

I'm very happy with how things evolved. I have the nicest, sweetest, loveliest partner and husband one could have. And a lil brother who's as well nice, sweet and lovely and feels like a RL lil brother to me. And I have the most caring and cute (and horny) family. So, things this year have been very good for Tiger. And as I see, things for Q and Rickie work out fine too and they seem to be happy. So I think, finally things evolved as they should. Everything is good for something sooner or later.

Visited some clubs these days. Not much time for dancing though... but what I realized: Nowhere it was like at the old days of Tiger's Isle. Everywhere only spam-gestures. No chat, no fun... Except from a "hello" and "bye-bye" there was no entertainment. In NONE of the clubs we visited. I can say, that Tiger's Isle was different... special. And I wanna say, that it's still my benefit. That I started a "tradition", a special kind of entertainment in clubbing... with the support of my Co-dancers and hosts like Q and DJs like Rickie.
So I hope, they continued this tradition and they will continue it on their new Tiger's Island. I had no time to visit it yet (did I mention, that I'm busy all the time?), but I'm sure I will soon. I wish Q and Rickie the very best and success with their club from the bottom of my heart.

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