Friday, August 21, 2009


I think I mentioned before: If you like drama, go to Gor! I don't know exactly, why that is so. Maybe because it's not easy to express feelings and emotions in SL anyways as our senses are reduced there, but in RP it's even more reduced? No idea!

However, two things happened: First of all the contest in Farnacium stopped. Don't know exactly, why. I heard rumours, that it will continue in White Water and I guess I'm then out of it, because I do not go there. The reason, why I not go there is incident #2 as their big-headed arrogant Ubar with aggression-issues once again lost his nerves and burnt some captives alive. Well, I don't care that much about the barbarian way... I have seen worse in Gor. But his Napoleon-attitude is turning into a God-attitude. Words like "NO ONE CAN CAL INVALID HERE BUT ME" (and yes, yelled in capitals) after he broke other peoples RP-limits, his own SIM-rules and Gorean laws... Well, you see, what I mean with God-attitude? For the records: If anyone breaks my RP-limits, I always call it invalid. I really don't need a big-headed Ubar to allow me so. And so has everyone else the right to do it - every Ubar, every soldier, every Free and every slave. Because - hello?!? It's a damn RP-game!

Well, so we wasted some hours with that crap and finally wanted to relax going earth-dancing. Ha! Did you ever try to find a gay dancingplace at 3 pm SLT? For Europeans it's too late, the Americans don't have started yet. So I wasted another hour with searching and just finding empty places, before I finally went to bed.

Sometimes SL is just a big waste of time and nerves. oooomph!

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