Friday, August 14, 2009

nude pics

After a lot of building and building and - yes! - a bit building, Rio asked me for another photosession last night for the "Sexiest Free Male of Gor" contest in Farnacium, but the last series of pictures wasn't sexy enough. Hmmmm.... I haven't found the right picture where I would say "That's it!". Something is confusing me and some people will know, what it is, when they see the pics... However, they are nice so far:

Took a quick snapshot of my self nekkid. Hmmm, maybe I should take more time to shoot pics of myself?

So, today's my chain returning. \o/ Yay! \o/

But also another weekend full of RL-work before me. :(((

The Island made some progress this week. Not as much as I thought it would, as I was giving several tours, got distracted more then once and took care of a lot of RL-stuff that I neglected the last weeks, but I'm pretty proud of it. Everyone who visits says it's beautiful though it isn't ready yet. I hope we can open it soon. Took way too long already....

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