Wednesday, August 5, 2009

wie schön wäre Wien ohne Wiener

Okay, you wonder about the title? It's a song from an Austrian satirist named Georg Kreisler. The meaning is: "How nice would be Vienna without the Viennesse". Why I quote it? Well, because I can say: How nice would be Gor without Goreans.

Our interest in Gor wanes day by day with every new incidence. First a few weeks ago, when I was visiting a (straight) SIM with my boy Mick and he was dancing for me in the taverne, he suddenly was attacked and shot down from the neighbor SIM. Without any RP, without any reason... well, no other reason that it was a gay kajirus dancing for his gay Master. Homophobia is very alive in Gorean SIMs. It seems to me, that it gives many homophobe people the platform to live their homophobia and justifying it "according to the books".
But I have to say, that the SIM-owners took our complain very serious and banned that homophobe guy from their SIM. That impressed me very much. - Other then our own SIM-owner of Silver Tree, who told me, it would be "a bit tricky" to ban him from Silver Tree, I don't know exactly, why it would be "tricky" to ban a gay-hater from a gay SIM, but as far as I understood, he meant, that it wouldn't be "valid" as homophobia is Gorean and therefore we would be forced to allow those people. Okay, so a guy who threatens my boy in IM "your lucky i didnt rp your capture and summarily execute you" just for being a gay kajirus pleasing his Master with a dance does have any warrant to spread his homophobia and we have to take it? Welcome to the middle-ages! What are 40 years of Christopher Street Day and Gay liberation worth? Where's the difference between accepting those people's (and that guy isn't the only one; there are 1000s like him in Gor) behaviour in a pixel-world and looking away, when another Matthew Shepard is tortured and killed in the real world?
So I don't know, what made me more upset - that homophobe guy or the reactions of gays, who think we have to accept it!

There are many incidents making us upset these days. This week a hysterical woman with their husband and their "daughter" attacked Mick without any reason. He only had an OOC-question about the rules, because he was interrupted reading them. That woman went furious for no reason and after that she yelled in IMs at me, Kenshi and who-knows. I just muted her, so I'm fine. But it's another reason to not like Gor anymore.

I could talk endless, but I guess, most of you dear readers are not interested in reading all the drama. If you like drama, then come to Gor. You can have lots of it. - The things my family and me like are the "antique" flair and the RP. But what RP do you get? Homophobes. Furies. Ubars with Napoleon-complex. Guys who want to dictate OOC decisions with quoting the books. Mindplayers. etc. - We don't like it anymore. If things don't change soon, it will be just a question of time, till we take our stuff and leave Silver Tree. We wanted to connect our RP on the Isle of Tidra (Oh, I forgot to mention, that we finally named our island?) with our RP in ST, but maybe we're happier and luckier, if we leave. Don't know yet...

Some good news: Bac is back! One of the very few good RPers, one of the few who have a story-line in their RP and try to stick to it in a continuous way, returned to Gor. His new story-line is interesting and promises some fun. Welcome back, Bac!

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Nidge Darkfold said...

There is indeed much homophobia in Gor. I made a complaint to a highly respected person about some homophobic comments and was told that as the incident was OOC nothing could be done! It would appear from your posting that nothing can be done if it is IC either. I was also party to a group chat that involved racist remarks - but the people speaking are held in high esteem so that was allowed too. I came to Gor searching for a sense of community and a place to role play, but all there seems to be is hate, drama (including people using multiple accounts to manipulate events) and stupid attacks.