Monday, August 24, 2009

weekend review

Ha! Finally! Other people get frustrated, when weekend is over; I get pretty happy. Weekend sucks for me because of my second RL-job. And because of the lack of time, there's not much to tell about the three days.

About the contest... well, I made my decision after they moved the contest to White Water Falls. I refused to go there for the last months for a certain reason and was considering to retract anyways and some incidences this weekend *coughs which sounds like 'cheating'* convinced me to finally ask them to take my board off. So, that was that.

Some nicer things - the swamp on the isle is ready and looks pretty fine. Now I just need some alligators and snakes. I love to mud-wrestle! Did it for a while with my Kenshi. And cleaning afterwards in the outside baths was so.... *purrrrrrrrrs exited*

And I made my own first weapon! A bone (femur) to throw. Needs some smaller modifying, but is pretty fine already. I will place it on the isle to pick it up for free...

Well, and that's mostly it. Oh! Had another arguement with a slaver of a city. *heh* Somehow I tend to make enemies on Gor, but... *shrugs*
That guy had sent a notice to the group to "remind" slaves, that they have to follow EVERY command of a Free. - Of course it's right: You chose a role in Gor and you should try to stick to it. And if you chose the role of a kajirus, then try to stay in it. - I first thought, that was his intention with his notice and he just expressed inartfully, which I tried to point out. But in the following "discussion" he made clear, that he not only has contempt for the kajiri IC, but also for the players behind the screen.
When someone arguements, that a slave has to agree, with pleasing every Free sexually... well, then this might be "in RP", but I grant EVERY player behind the screen the right to refuse. According to HIS argumentation, those who play slaves don't have this choice. That's just stupid and despiteful!
Some seem to be so used to their "Gorean way of life", that they forget, that we live in the 21st century and they are NOT masters in Gor. Prolly they sit in the basement of their parents house, unemployed, and try to compensate their pathetic RL-self with playing the big boss in Gor?
As I pointed out in my profile: Every RPer is there to have fun. So for instance commanding a slave to kneel in a taverne the whole day and wait for masters he can serve paga... that might of course be "Gorean" and "IC", but I assume, that most players have better things to do with their time. And that HAS TO BE ACCEPTED.
I tried to explain this to that idiot, but he rolled his eyes and called me stupid and that I won't have any idea of RP. - Well then... if I ever leave the "honorable" path and become a fully hunter of our savage tribe (and we're all pretty close to do that, if things are going on like that), then I will show him some "RP". *sharps his claws* I'm more and more in the mood to become an outlaw or - even better - an assassin.

So, maybe it's better to stay on our Isle of Tidra. I hope we can finish it soon to finally start the RP...

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Justyn Maurer said...

Assassin hey? I like the sound of dat. We of the wild tribe with soft padded feet are purrrfect for da role.