Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy business

We hadn't used our earth-parcel much in the last months except for the building-plattform. Somehow the house felt too big and I couldn't get into the mood to furnish and decorate it. Now things changed! We got a smaller main house, Juz & Joshie got a tiki over the waves, and Endy finally moved in with us with his own house, all matching together (same creator: Bee Caudron, who really does a good work in tiki-/beach-houses).

So now the main house is furnished and decorated, and I also changed the garden behind the house.... And now we all like it so much that we don't want to leave (for our Gorean house) at all!

Here are just some quick snapshots:

Talking of Gorean houses: The Merchant house without basement is ready and on marketplace! Though marketplace sucks a bit... only because of the word "Gorean" in the description, it automatically sets it to "mature" content. Strange, strange, strange!

Well, planning on my own lil shop anyways, so that potential customers can rezz the builds on a platform to take a look at it. Not that I would have to sell yet soooo much (silly me is always giving his stuff away for FREE! dang!)


Teleny Macarthur said...

(silly me is always giving his stuff away for FREE! dang!)
Apperently,it's time for your manager to show up again, and knock some sense in you head? LOL! Your place is looking great... we'll try to get over and see it soon!

Anonymous said...

You not a silly Franz, ya just a big sweetie!