Friday, April 8, 2011

rude people

I don't have a picture for rude people cause I normally don't photograph rude people, so I just added another pic of our house in the Kalana Fjord Village...

I - like many other Europeans - recognized before, that many Americans seem to have a lower standard of manners then us Europeans. Oh, they are quick with "love you!"s, but their manners - or the lack of it - often seem rude to us (except the French; they are even more rude). --- But that's not what I'm talking of.
It's those people ignoring others totally in RP. And strangely I often recognize this in GAY Gor SIMs. I never experienced in a STRAIGHT SIM (not that I'm there that often...) that I arrive and was ignored mostly. In gay SIMs it happens all the time. When you are lucky, you get a "Tal" back, sometimes not even that. Why is this so?
I DO think that I'm a decent RPer, at least others say so. And I also think that I'm a nice person (most of the time; sometimes got my "moments" too... like anyone else). I also think that my RP is interesting and very close to the books. And straight people ENJOY my RP and come back for more. So, why not on gay SIMs?

Well, in the beginnings of my Gorean life these people made me angry and upset. But now I just try to remember that they are not worth the effort of RPing with them. I will just ignore them as good as I can. I don't waste my time with people who are just rude (and I'm speaking of OOC. if someone plays a rude guy IC that's totally fine) and I don't waste my time with people who are just not in the role they have chosen. If someone plays a slave, but acts like a Free - Fine. Go along, don't bother me with your shitty RP! If someone  plays a panther, but thinks panthers run around in villages and burn down houses - Fine. Go along, but stay away from me; but maybe use your time better to read the one or other book. Would be helpful. Really.

Soooooo.... Not sure what I wanted to say. Lost thread somehow. I think I just wanted to say: After the changes and the joining of Hrimgar with Kalana Fjord none of us - neither me nor my boys - feel accepted there. But it's okay. We do our own stuff and we are quite busy with it. And in all modesty: Our levels of RP are much higher then theirs, so it's THEIR loss, not ours. I just have enough of rude and ignorant people. So why waste my time with them?

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River, Mater's lil Sunshine said...

I have had the same feeling my master. I thought maybe i had been imagining it