Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The plants, the rain and the travel to Thentis - Intermezzo

This is a short intermezzo. It's almost not worth to be mentioned anyways. But for the records:

Franziskus Ninetails enters his home.
River: "Welcome home, my Master"
Endy smiles, and echos the first boys words
Franziskus Ninetails enters his house and shakes a bit, mumbling "Looks like rain soon. My right big toe hurts.", then looks up and smiles "Tal, mine!"
River smiles. "Can I take your cloak, my master?"
Franziskus Ninetails: "Hmmm, not now. I have to take a visit at the... *coughs and lowers his voice to a whisper* ... thief fort". After a moment: "Do you boys have cloaks with hoods?"
River: "Yes, I do, my Master. I dont know if Endy does, but i can lend him one if need be. There should be a spare in the trunk. Shall I go get it, my Master?"
Franziskus Ninetails: "Give me a hug first, my lil sunshine"
Endy blushes.... "I.... um.... have one I 'borrowed' from a Jarl I think... but perhaps it would be to obvious as not belonging to a boy"
Franziskus Ninetails: "Good evening, my lil moonbeam"
River after the hug: "I shall get the cloaks, my Master"
Franziskus hugs his other boys. Endy smiles and nuzzles into his Master "Welcome home, our Master, I hope you had a good day of trades."
River returns with a cloak for Endy and wearing his own.
Franziskus Ninetails looks at his boys and frowns as even if they are wearing a cloak, their forms will be recognizable anyways as they are naked underneath it "Hmmmm..... put your pants on at least, boys"
River: "yes, my Master"
Endy frowns at the cloak trying to figure out which way it should go
River after he put on pants and a shirt: "Is that better, my master?"
Franziskus Ninetails finally nods "Ah, better". Then: "Come now, boys! But be silent"
River follows in silence.
Franziskus Ninetails stumbles his way through the darkness crossing the garden in the backyard until they finally reach the paths. After a while they reach the fort. He looks up the high walls in the darkness almost not to distinguish from the night around. He whispers: "Is this the fort?"
Endy giggles that the honest trader is sneaking to the thieves and nods to his Master giving the thief sign for "home".
The man: "Tal! Can i help you?"
River looks at his master and bites his lip as a jarl appears.
Franziskus Ninetails jumps as a voice from the dark greets him and screams in surprise: "Aah!". He swears and mumbles "Well.... sooooo far for being silent".
The bond lifts her brow wondering why Endy and the man are dressed as such: "Tal, Jarl! Tal, thralls!"
Franziskus Ninetails whispers "[bondname] is that you?"
The man: "What do you want? Make it quick as im a busy man!"
Franziskus Ninetails grumbles "Well then - busy man... go on with your... business. I was looking for Eilly or Ades... not for you"
The man: "Neither are here so you have had waste trip. So best be on your way. I will let them know they were bing looked for."
Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boys and snips his fingers, whispering "Come, mine!", returning with them home.


Okay, I was annoyed and frustrated. I wanted to involve the group into the Thentis-RP, but in my eyes it was just plain rude (again). Maybe I'm oversensitive, maybe my expectations on RP are just too high? Dunno.
For one reason because of the man. - I'm not a para-RPer. Actually I don't like para-RP, as it's a lot of unnecassary crap, telling the whole lifestory in each emote, taking out the "flow" of every RP. A para-RPer is so full of himself and his oh so "poetic" emotes, that he ignores the emotes/actions/speech of his co-players. [As I mentioned in an article before: Not confusing para-RP with those who just forget to hit the enter-key from time to time, which happens to me too sometimes *blushes*]
But the other extreme is as ignorant as the para-RP. You ignore each action, each situation the other RPer put an effort into. Reducing "RP" to personal speech isn't RP; it's just a chat. And reducing your RP to personal speech while others try to really PLAY, is either a sign of lack of skills or a sign of ignorance and disrespect to the other RPer.
The other thing was the bond recognizing Endy and recognizing the slaves as slaves. - We spent time to disguise the slaves and myself. Our faces masked, their collars hidden (not recognizable as thralls = slaves), their bodies covered with clothes... You are sneaking around in the dark, masked and disguised... and you are recognized immediately?
I admit - such mistakes can happen to all of us. And if the rest would have been okay, might have just made an OOC-note, cleared that and all would have been fine. Maybe another time it would have been okay and we would have figured it out, but at that moment I was just pissed. Sometimes it is just a wrong word, just a move or sometimes just the missing of a reaction, and what was a good storyline and RP so far is just ruined with a fingersnap. - And sometimes fate provides us with a surprising turn and everything suddenly looks fine again... Like you will read in the next post :-)

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