Friday, April 8, 2011

the splinters

Been busy this week also with some private RP with my boys. If you don't follow their blogs (River and Envy) here's a little summary:

It all started with me coming home from travels and finding my first boy busy chopping wood. His naked body sweating from work... I got a bit excited and took him quick and roughly over the wood-block. But poor boy in got some splinters in his cock... Soooo, we went over to Fjord West and with the help of the taverne-keeper Sean (who was a blacksmith, so he has some skills with the clamps) and a visiting shamane we pulled the splinters out.
River was ordered to treat his cock every day with paga first and then with salve. Nice Master I am, granting my boys the use of salve! :-) So in the first day Endy helped him desinfying the cock with paga and then convinced him to drink the rest of the paga. Bad boy, bad! Of course that night as my first boy was supposed to please me, I smelled the paga in his breath. Slave drinking paga with no permission? No way! He got a very rough beating with the belt and was taken even rougher afterwards. I think that tought him a lesson.
Soooo.... at the last of three days of treatment with paga and salve, Mamba - one of my other boys - helped River with the treatment. But he must have confused the salve and caught one that encouraged blood flow and was hot and burning, causing River a hardon for the next two days. Even ordered to cum didn't soften his cock. Such a shame!
The very same day I then found my other boy Endy with a very heavy speech defect. His tongue was totally swollen and first I thought, it's the Bazi Plague. But then after a while I figured out, that he tried to help his brother with sucking the salve out of his cock. *shakes his head with a big grin*
So, I had one boy with a permanent erection, the other with a swollen tongue. That's no fun! (Oh well, it was fun!) And as Endy finally found out, that River was beaten for drinking paga, he tried to confess, that it was HIM who convinced his brother to drink it. But he was so hard to understand and all I understood was, that it wasn't the first time and that River is an alcoholic!
Well, finally the confusion settled down and I understood what he was trying to tell me: That it was his fault! - Now... River is first boy and should learn to teach his brothers the right way. So I made him to give his brother a little warm-up over his knees before I gave Endy six with the belt.
Now tongue and cock are fine again. And I hope the boys learned their lessons....

And that's what you missed in Glee Kalana Fjord!

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