Friday, April 1, 2011

lot happened

Yeah, a lot happened the last weeks which kept me pretty busy. Fortunately my boys are blogging a lot. *heh*

The main thing happening were moves. Building, moving, furnishing, building again, moving again, furnishing again... After we had lived at the docks of Hrimgar for a while, we decided to get a bit more "private space", so we rented a house in the farmland behind Hrimgar. As that was finally furnished and ready, the whole concept of Hrimgar changed. We joined the neighbor SIM, called Kalana Fjord, so now that's Kalana Fjord East and Kalana Fjord West. Sooooooo..... moving again. We built a very nice (at least they say so) new house at the docks. Like it much. And we will see where RP leads us to, now as the SIM is finally open to RP again.

Pictures of the new house I'll show in a video we're making. Prolly will take some weeks.....

In between all the moving and building and furnishing I still try to sort my inventory and to spend some time with my slaves. I just love my boys and I'm happy that they are in their RP as logical and reasonable and "steadily" as me. One thing, one action, one emote leading to another... and that for days or even weeks. What I dislike the most in SL-Gor (apart from bad RPers) is the discontinuity: One day someone fights an outlaw, the next day the very same outlaw hangs around with his supposed to be enemies in the taverne, drinking paga as if they were best friends. Where's the logic in this? Often it's not the question if a RP is "by the books", it's more a question of logic and realism.

We also have some more pictures to come. Finn, our photographer, and his partner Spencer made new poses for us (I guess they will soon be available to purchase, so I will let you know, when they sell them). Here's a first sketch of it; I think it's called "Adored":

In RL got a bit stress too, as my kitteh suddenly became very ill. My other kitteh died last year, which was a long and sad progress, always hoping that he gets better. I'm so grateful, that my bestie Tel stood by my side at that hard time... however, now my other kitteh got ill and it was very, very close to die. He's in a vet-hospital now, but good news: He made it! Will get my lil "Fat'n'lazy" aka Henry back today or tomorrow. Yay!

Hmmmm, don't know what else to tell. The longer I don't post, the less I know to talk about. So here's just two more pictures... snapshots.... as we were sparing in the arena. Viking-Tiger and Tiger & his boy. *g*

kk - I guess, that's it for today. Wish you all a nice weekend!


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