Thursday, April 14, 2011

The plants, the rain and the travel to Thentis - Intermezzi

Not so much to tell today about our ongoing storyline. When I returned from my daily travels (logged in), Misha, the first boy of Kalana Fjord, came over and asked me to come to the docks. Two panthers had caught a male and wanted to sell him. I got him for a sack of candy really cheap, though I don't have use for an additional (straight) male slave. As we were just considering what to do with him and where to sell him for a good price, my scouts returned from their travel to The Souring Herlit (= City of Thentis), where the Black Wine Beans ((and for everyone who didn't figure out that yet: It's COFFEE!)) grow. Skull handed me a scroll with his report of their travel. It was interesting, though the price for the black wine - 20 Gold Tarns for 1 barrel!!!! - made me almost faint!

I won't post the chat-log here, as I wasn't involved and I don't know most of the people involved in here. Just mention these lines, cause I thought it was funny:

The Ubar: "gopy, fetch me a bowl"
gopy: yes Master 
gopy pulls down a bowl looking it over making sure there is nothing that would harm Him, taking a cloth and wiping down the sides and then turning and heading back to Master 
gopy holds the bowl up to Him unsure of what He wanted it for
gopy lowers her head down as she waits for Him to take it
The Ubar peers down at gopy, "girl, what do I drink?" 
gopy: "black wine, Master. You just said to bring You a bowl"
gopy glups
The Ubar chuckles, "learn, slut. 'bring me a bowl' means blackwine. harta, slave"


So, Skull and Nev returned and gave me their report. While I was reading it in my office, they were so kind to take care of the captive and sold him in another city. When they returned after a successful business, they were too tired and exhausted from their travels. Sooooo.... more to come tomorrow!

Intermezzo 1

Endymion Avalira yelps looking around trying to figure out what suddenly caused such pain in his ankle as he limps round the rest of the building to the bosk shed

Intermezzo 2

Franziskus Ninetails takes a walk around the house. He frowns as he sees the garden behind the stable - the gras too high and full of weed. He returns to his office and scribbles a quick note "Boys! The grass behind the stable has to be cut and the cleared of weeds!", then he pins the little parchment on the board with the chores. He takes a last look out of the window and sees the big, dark clouds again covering the whole sky. He wonders when the big rain will come. He takes a deep breath and leaves his office, climbing up the steps to his bedroom to rest his tired head on the pillows

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