Friday, April 15, 2011

The plants, the rain and the travel to Thentis - the end?

My boys River and Endy both posted articles in their blogs relevant for the storyline/RP. But unfortunately at the moment we do not know if it will continue at all....

The plans were these: River without me paying attention planted a poisonous plant in his herb-garden. A bit Little shop of Horrors Audrey... As he finally recognized it's poisonous effect, it was too late. The plant - in a new climate without it's natural enemies - started to spread. Each day it doubled... so, first day 2, next day 4, next day 8, then 16, 32.... Soon it would have spread all over the village and people would have had to work together to kill the plants...

The other storyline would have been a bit similar, as we always waited for that big rain. - Got a weather-system so I could have let it rain for a day or two. The rain filling the canals, chasing the urts (rats) out of the canals so they ran around everywhere. --- Got nice rats for that which you can shoot and kill. --- I think it would have been fun, when the whole SIM was chasing and hunting rats/urts.

The main storyline was the stealing and smuggling of black wine beans from the City of Thentis, which was prepared with scouts and all. I also asked the thieves for help in stealing those.

But, well... shouldn't have been, I guess. There was some drama last night. I don't know whom to "blame" and I don't want to write about it here, at least not as long as I don't know more. However, I think for now we will just stick to ourselves and our own RP and ignore the group as well as they ignore us.

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