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The plants, the rain and the travel to Thentis - Part 3

Okay, not toooooo much happening here. Just making the first report from Thentis. But some parts are important; I just won't tell which ones, if you haven't figured it out by yourself already. :-)

Prologue 1

River tends to his plant, hissing a bit as it stings his finger. "Feisty, aren't you, petal?", he says as he sucks his finger better. He pours a little more water over it...

Prologue 2

Endymion Avalira returns home sadly - despite having gone to the docks early to catch some of the ships as they stocked up before continuing their journey none of them had any paga to help replace his Master dwindling supply. - One of the captains however had a small supply of mead left and allowed Endy to trade for it before he sailed of.

Chapter: The First Report from the Scouts

Franziskus Ninetails returns from his travels and finds his first boy outside, watching the docks. He sneaks up behind him, slaps his butt and giggles.
River: "ahhh!" He turns and falls to his knees "ohh, my Master!"
Franziskus Ninetails: "Greetings, my lil sunshine!" and after his boy hugged his legs "Have you met our guests or did they leave already?"
River: "They have not been here, my Master, while I have been home."
Franziskus Ninetails looks over his boy's shoulder to the docks and frowns at the newer gathering of people there. "What have you been watching out here?"
River: "I was watching the people on the dock"
Franziskus Ninetails with another look at the docks growls a bit.
River: "I think, that is misha, my master, but i am not sure. I dont recognise the others."
Franziskus Ninetails covers his eyes with his flat hand in protection against the setting sun. "Hmmmm.... yes, I think that's Misha... and that outlaw woman from the bad assholes... and the other... hmmm... looks familar, but I don't remember him... oh... and there comes Darius... and the healer, I think....". He shrugs and turns towards the house "Come inside!"
River: "Yes, my Master" and follows.

In the mainhall...
River: "Might I take your bow, my Master?"
Franziskus Ninetails places the bow and the axe right beside him on a cushion before the fireplace. "No... I'll lay it just here at the moment. Come a bit in my arms and take a little rest from your chores." He laid down on the pillows and opened his arms inviting.
River smiles widely and goes happily to his Master's arms.
Suddenly they here a knock at the door. Franziskus Ninetails looks up from kissing his boy, pats his butt to make him stand up.
Athina Alexandre from outside "May I come in?" It's me... Nevaeh.... and Skull"
Franziskus Ninetails recognizes Nev's voice "Ah, come in! come in!"
River who walked to the door: "Greetings, Mistress"
Menthu Hird: "Tal, Franz! I hope we don't disturb you."
River: "Greetings, Master"
Athina Alexandre: "Tal, Franzi ... greetings, boy"
Franziskus Ninetails (stood up, went to the door too and...) smiles warmly "Tal, Neveah! Tal, Skull!"
River kneels as the Mistress and Master enter his Master's house.
Menthu Hird: "Greetings, boy"
Athina Alexandre smiles back while catching her breath.
Franziskus Ninetails yanks his first boy a bit closer at his collar "This is my first boy River. - River, these are our guests"
Athina Alexandre: "How are you, Franzi?"
Franziskus Ninetails: "I'm fine, thank you. Just returned from some travels. Why are you so out of breath?"
Athina Alexandre looks down to the naked boy on the floor
Menthu Hird: "Well, we were a little lost in the woods, and just now finally made our way here"
River: "I hope your stay here is very pleasant, Master, Mistress. If this one can be of service to you please let me know"
Athina Alexandre: "We just came back from the bean city... Thentis..."
Franziskus Ninetails opens his eyes wide "Ahhhh..... that's good. You traveled fast!
Athina Alexandre: "....only the boat brought us back to a Huntress area... and I'm so not in the mood for those beasts there..."
Menthu Hird nods friendly to River.
Franziskus Ninetails: "But... where are my manners? You must be hungry and thirsty!"
Menthu Hird: "If we were not in a hurry here to bring you the news about the beans, this land would be without one more huntress for sure"
Athina Alexandre: "Aye... we are fast indeed... and a good thing we had the wind in our sails when heading home" She smiles at the offer "Thats very kind... yes.. we are thirsty" scraps her dry throat.
Menthu Hird smiles to Franzi "Some drinks and bread would be fine indeed"
Athina Alexandre looks to the boy again. "You have two fine boys here, Franzi", she says with a smile
Franziskus Ninetails points to the table "Lets sit and you tell me everything, while my boy prepares drinks and a little snack." - He raises his eyebrows in the question "Kalana wine?"
River looks to the floor and blushes slightly at the free womans words.
Athina Alexandre: "Kalana wine is fine ... thank you"
Franziskus Ninetails nods down to his first boy "Kalana, mine. And something to eat"
River: "yes, my Master"
Athina Alexandre sees the boy blushing and steps closer to ruffle his hair ... and than walks to the table.
Franziskus Ninetails makes another inviting gesture to the table and waits for his guests to sit before he has a seat himself.
Menthu Hird lets his bow slowly slide off his shoulder and takes off the sword and sheath. He smiles as she ruffles his hair and walks to the table.
River hurries into the kitchen and washes his hands. Drying them on a rep cloth.
Athina Alexandre: takes a sit on the chair by the table... it feels good to sit a little again. "Well.. we went to famous Thentis..."
Franziskus Ninetails: "Soooo... the captain let you off the wrong docks? I'll have to fire him, I think"
Athina Alexandre laughs "Aye, he did! Guess the wind was to hard"
Menthu Hird places the weapons on the wall behind him and looks at Franz and befiore he can say anything about the beans, he burst out in a laugh among Franz and Nev about the drunken captain.
River stops and thinks for a second or two wondering where he had put the kalana wine, a little light goes off in his head and he hurries over to the dresser and crouches down to reach to the back of the shelf.
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "Well then... maybe just have him whipped"
Athina Alexandre grins
Menthu Hird nods and smiles "Or no more [black] wine for him!"
River pulls out the bottle and wipes it clean before taking it over to the preparation area.
Franziskus Ninetails: "But the panthers around here... " - he sighs - "... really a plague. I don't know what's worse - the urts or the panthers!"
Athina Alexandre looks sideways and sees the boy working hard to get the drinks. She smiles softly. "well... the huntresses are so arghh... bad... they smell... also the words that comes out of their mouth!"
Menthu Hird nods and smiles "Everyone is the same... big mouth they all have!"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Well, I have a beheaded urt as warning for the other urts at the gate of the storage hall... maybe I should add something similar for panthers?"
River reaches down three goblets and wipes them over , making sure they are clean. He then checks the rims for chips, he would be punished if his master's guests cut themselves.
Franziskus Ninetails gives a short look to the kitchen as his boy prepares the wine, licks his lips in anticipation.
Athina Alexandre: "Sounds good to me!"
Menthu Hird smiles at the idea and tries to think of something nastier than just a warner.
River puts the unopened bottle on the tray with the goblets and then carefully carries it over
Athina Alexandre: "Endy not around today?"
Menthu Hird: "Franz, do the panthers ever set their feet here?", he asks
Franziskus Ninetails: "Hmmm, sometimes, yes. There's especially one.. I think she's called 'bunny'... she often sneaks around here and steals a lot. There are some tribes in the north, but they keep away fortunately"
River taking small steady steps he returns to the table with the drinks.
Athina Alexandre: "Than those are the ones we have met, I guess". She sees river coming with the drinks and smiles.
Franziskus Ninetails: "Endy is still busy with some chores in the storagehall and the docks, I think. But he should be here soon."
Menthu Hird: "I see, I will keep that name in my head and drag here here if I ever come across her."
Athina Alexandre: "ah, I see... both good hard workers you have..."
River kneels before his master and places the tray on the floor.
Athina Alexandre pinches Skull "Dont say all what I say Skull", she laughs
Menthu Hird gives her a little pinch back and smiles "I taught you good, Nev", he says and laughs
River lifts up the bota and breaks the seal, so that the Free can see its a new bottle.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles to his first boy as he approaches with the wine. He points siltently to the guests to sign River to serve them first as they must be thirsty after the travel.
Athina Alexandre: "Franzi... thank you for letting us stay here last night... we slept like babies"
River pulls the stopper out with his teeth and pours three large glasses of the heavy red wine.
Athina Alexandre watches the boys great work than looks to Franzi.. "You trained them well, Franzi, my compliments"
Menthu Hird nods "Was a long time since we slept a whole night, and that black wine sure made me sleep faster than expected." He laughs and watches river prepare the drinks.
River lifts one of the goblets double handedly and offers it up to the Mistress.
Franziskus Ninetails suddenly remembers something from the other night "Oh... Skull, you asked me, who the other merchant was. It's a friend of mine, his name is Zoe. He's down from the south, called Laurius Trading Post!"
River: "Kalana wine, Mistress, to quench your thirst and refresh you from your travels."
Athina Alexandre takes the goblet from river's hands and smiles warmly to him. "Thank you, river... You did a great serve"
River blushes deeply and mutters "Thank you, Mistress"
Franziskus Ninetails at Nevaeh's praise looks down to his first boy with the warmest smile "Yes, they are good slaves and very pleasing, loving and devoted"
Athina Alexandre smiles again.
River gets to his feet and moves to the guest Master, the goblet of wine in his hands.
Athina Alexandre: "so I see... you are a very rich man..." She waits with the drinking till they all has one.
Menthu Hird nods to him "Yes, and we were there earlier today to scout the city and was thinking that Zoe must have access to the city, yes?", he asks. "I guess the beans are in the city?", he asks. "We tried to force our way through the gate as there were noone around, but the gate can't be forced". He smiles to river and takes the wine from his hands "Thank you, boy"
River looks up at the tall dark man, so much bigger that he was, he gulps slightly knowing that the man could crush his life from him without even trying. He lifts his hands the goblet shaking slightly. "Kalana wine, Master, may it refresh and revive you. "
Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Hmmm, so... there's no entrance into the gate? That's worse then I thought. I thought the biggest problem would be to get OUT of the city with the sacks of beans, but now it seems the first problem is to get INTO the city?"
Athina Alexandre sees rivers admiration for Skulls appearance "Now don't get scared by his looks, river... He is tame as a beast" she says with a grin. Then turning to Franzi again: "Mmm yes, indeed... to get in is maybe not that difficult... since there's not one guard standing there... the city seemed empty too... at least what I could see through the gate"
River moves back to the tray and lifts the third and final goblet, this one he presses to his belly then his heart, before lifting it to his lips and kissing lovingly the bowl just below the rim. He then offers it up to his master, his eyes lowered as he mutters "Kalana wine, my Master, may you find it as pleasing as this boy hopes you find him"
Menthu Hird: "The gate couldn't be forced nor lockpicked, so we will need someone from the inside to help us smuggle it out. I thought Zoe could help us with that... maybe we can use a tarn at night when everyone is asleep.... let us think of what is best. Any suggestions?"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles a bit as his boy gets a bit nervous. He turns explaining to his guests "He's a... barbarian...." - not sure if he should mention Earth, as he doesn't know if his new friends do have the second knowledge - ".... from a place where people are smaller then here". He takes the goblet from his boy's hand and blows him a kiss with a wink, then raises his goblet to the guests for a salute.
Athina Alexandre: "Is he from earth?", she remembers earth as she has been there many moons ago one time.
Menthu Hird raises his goblet.
River hurries over to the preparation area and takes some cold bosk and bread from the chilla.
Athina Alexandre raises her goblet to both of the men "To beans and steel.. salute!"
Menthu Hird: "for beans and steel!", he laughs... and takes a big sip of the wine. He looks to Franz, "I must say that that black wine was delicious. So I understand why you want the beans"
Franziskus Ninetails nods to Nevaeh "Yes, he's from Earth". He answers the salute "To beans and steel!", before he takes a deep sip.
River also puts on it some butter and cheese that he himself had made then takes it over to his Master's guests.
Athina Alexandre: "Well.. this kalana wine is excellent as well..". She brings the goblet to her lips and takes a other sip.
Menthu Hird nods "Aye, it is"
River then hurries back and collects a tray of fruit.
Athina Alexandre sees river bringing food "aww, river, you can read my mind", she smiles to him.
Franziskus Ninetails wipes his lips with the arm of his tunic and places the goblet on the table, smiling as his boy brought a tray with food "Ahhhh, very well!"

[At this point River had to go to bed, same time Endy arrived]
Franziskus Ninetails hugs his lil sunshine tight "Go now to the kennels, my lil sunshine. Tomorrow is another day full of chores!"
River: "Goodnight, my Master. Master... Mistress" [leaving for the kennels.]
Endy enters the house, and seeing that the Free and his Master are eating, he kneels quietly beside his Master.
Franziskus Ninetails pricks his ear as he hears the doors "Ah, there must be Endy..."
Menthu Hird sees endy walk in through the door, "Greetings, endy"
Franziskus Ninetails giggles as his boy already kneels beside him "Ah, there you are, my sneaky lil moonbeam!"
Athina Alexandre looks up from her plate and sees Endy walk in and taking place on the floor... a warm smiles apears on her face. "Tal, tiger"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand to ruffle his boy's hair "Ready with your chores, mine?"
Athina Alexandre eating "mmmm the food taste wonderful"
Endy blushes "Greetings, my Master". he looks dispirited to be asked about chores after he has spent so long traveling trying to search out new supplies of paga, looking at his Master he whispers "I have talked to the other slaves in the main trade docks, my Master, it looks like there is a severe shortage of paga."
Franziskus Ninetails takes some roaste bosk from the tray and puts it on his plate. He cuts off a piece and reaches it to his boy's lips, feeding him
Athina Alexandre laughs... almost choke in a piece of meat... "short of paga, endy? you drink all?"
Menthu Hird looks at Nev "We are not guilty for the lack of paga in this land.... yet!", he says and laughs.
Athina Alexandre looks slightly to Skull and winks at him while chewing on her delicious bosk meat.
Menthu Hird: "Franz, you know elsewhere we can find these rare beans, if we can't get in into the city of Thentis?", he asks
Athina Alexandre: "And why you're so sure they have those beans?"
Franziskus Ninetails with his mouth full as he just shoved a big piece of bosk-meat between his lips "Owww..... I phink Phoe haph phome. Phill aphk him phor pawa!"
Athina Alexandre laughs.. "Take your time eating now, Franzi"
Menthu Hird laughs loudly
Endy blushes his gaze sliding to his Master at the mention of drinking paga, his bruises having only just healed, quickly swollowing the meat he whispers to the Mistress "My Master enjoys paga, we have a good supply, but it seems fresh stocks are dwindling"
Franziskus Ninetails nods and chews. Then grabs the goblet and flushes down the meat with some wine.
Athina Alexandre realizes she still wears her bow and takes if off her shoulder... a little embaresed she looks to Franzi... "Excuse me for still wearing my bow... it feels like my second skin you know?".. Quickly she puts it behind her on the floor and continue eating.
Franziskus Ninetails: "Hmmm, the beans only grow in Thentis. They are... well... uhm... guarding it so good to keep the price high, I think"
Menthu Hird looks at her and smiles "I just wondered if it was glued to your skin, Nev"
Athina Alexandre presses her left ellbow in Skull's thigh... while listening to Franzi's words.
Menthu Hird: "I see, Franz, then we must find a way to get in there. Maybe we can walk in as travelers and perhaps we will be left alone for a few minutes to search for it... but then we need to get our unseen also..."
Franziskus Ninetails eats a while in silence, hasn't recognized how hungry he was
Endy smiles "Would you like me to put it away for you Mistress?"
Menthu Hird: "Endy," he says between the bites "cut out some nice pieces of melon for me.If I use my "tools" to cut it, there will be nothing left of it."
Athina Alexandre: "mmm melon.. give me a bite to when you get it from endy.. love"
Menthu Hird: "sure, my melonrosebeanpiepudding"
Endy looks to his Master carefully waiting for his Master to nod consent to his getting and using a knife.
Athina Alexandre laughs loudly for Skulls words to her... "oooh now your happy with drinks and good food right? and give the boy permission to use the knife"
Menthu Hird: "No, of course not, and endy knows to ask for permission from his Master to use one"
Endy quickly chops the Mistresses melon for her, taking care not to get in her way as she snatches pieces from the plate.
Menthu Hird: "Here! I ask for the melon and you are served first, Nev! How do you do it?" he asks and smiles. "You secretly give Endy some candy or what?", he laughs
Athina Alexandre laughs "No, I'm nicer than you are, that's the reason!", she says with a laugh Athina Alexandre wraps endy's hair around
Menthu Hird laughs "That sure could be a topic for discussion"
Endy deftly cuts up the handsome Master's melen, his face blushing brightly at having broken protocol by serving the Mistress first.
Menthu Hird smiles as Endy finally chops up his pieces and sees his face turn red. He turns to Nev "Melon was good?", he asks.
Athina Alexandre: "At least I can take it!" and looks under the table to Skull's belly. She nods while putting a other peace of melon in her mouth.
Menthu Hird: "My belly bears the diameter of a royalty, dear"
Athina Alexandre: "Aye, and your farts like a dead peace of bosk!", she laughs.
Endy returns to his Master's side, resting his head lightly against his Master's leg.
Athina Alexandre: "Endy... come sit next to me for one moment"
Menthu Hird takes his hand and shuffles his hair. "Don't worry, Endy, everyone can make mistakes" and continues "I see that you chopped them real good for me"
Athina Alexandre leans to the side, bends over and puts silently a peace of fruit in endy's mouth. "There you go. Now sit with your Master", she smiles.
Endy chews on the sweet fruit delightling as the taste as he thanks the Mistress and returns to his Master's side and rests his head once more against his Master's leg.
[Okay, this was after the coffeebreak, trying to keep up with all I missed...]
Franziskus Ninetails grabs some of the bread his first boy baked himself and breaks it in two pieces. While he smears one half with the boys' selfmade butter, he turns back to the conversation. "I'm glad, you slept well in this house." - He grabs some of the selfmade cheese and packs it on the buttered bread, then takes a big bite and while chewing continues talking, spreading some crumbs over the table: "Mmmm... phorry phor phe miph...." - He swallows the bite down and before taking another bite "... misunderstanding: Zoe is not inside Thentis. He's a merchant like me in a Trading outpost called Laurius." He swallows the rest of the cheese-buttered bread piece in one gulp, coughs a bit and flushes it quickly down with kalana, before he cotinues "So, if the gates can't be forced, you think we can get in with tarns? I do have tarns stored over at Tabor, but those beasts are so unwillingly going over water or even on ships!" He smiled at Nev's embarrassement with the bow "No worries. Happens to me all the time. Sometimes I have to watch to not poke my boys with bow or the axe when I jump to the furs!" He takes the second unbuttered piece of bread and dips up the juices from the bosk-meat on his plate. He nods to his boy in silence to allow him using a kitchenknife for cutting the melone. Then returns to the conversation and their plans about Thentis. "So we have to get in, find out, where the beans, have to find out how to get out and then.... run very quickly packed with sacks of black wine beans? Do I see that right?" He stuffs the last piece of bread dripping from bosk-juice into his mouth and wipes his lips with the arm of his tunic. Looks down at his no empty plate and wonders if he really ate THAT MUCH. He wipes the sweat from his face for some reason.
Amberiel Shilling shakes the bars to her cage......Is there anybody out there!!!!
Franziskus Ninetails pricks his ears and mumbles "Hmm, seems the urts come out from the canals again for the night"
Athina Alexandre hears the screeming... and mumbles something not hearable, then looks to Franzi.. "Well.. we were at the wrong city, I heard you said before?"
Menthu Hird takes another bite of that delicious - and finally cut for him - piece of melon and takes a bite... nods to Nev.. "We were at the Black Bastards, but the beans grow in Soaring Herlit, if I understood you right?", he asks
Athina Alexandre: "ooo.. I see... well we will head that way than by tomorow right Skull?"
Menthu Hird nods to Nev "We sure will.. but with another captain"
Franziskus Ninetails giggles and nods
Athina Alexandre: "aye, with another captain for sure", she grins
Franziskus Ninetails: "So... hm... I don't know if you were at the right or wrong city, Skull." He grabs another piece of bread and reaches it down to his boy
Athina Alexandre moans softly as she closes her eyes..."The food is so delicious.. haven't eaten so good in a long time..."
Endy takes the bread gratefully from his Master, kissing his Master's hand as his Master passes the bread to him and carefully nibbles at the bread, taking care to eat it slowly and savor it.
Menthu Hird nods "...and eating and drinking after a long travel, also to the wrong place makes you tired.", he gasps and excuses himself. "Mind if we rest here tonight again, Franz?", he says
Athina Alexandre: "mm.. yes... I'm excausted really.."
Franziskus Ninetails gently caresses his slave's cheek as he chews on the bread. With his knife he picks up another piece of bosk-meat from the tray and lets it fall into his boy's hand, rewarding him for being such a pleasant boy
Athina Alexandre gets a warm feeling seeing Franzi loving and taking care of his slave so great
Franziskus Ninetails smiles "My home is your home, Skull and Nev.", he reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
Menthu Hird places his hand on Nev's shoulder " would be nice to tuck in and feel your warm skin against mine.". He looks up to Franz "Thank you, brother", he says and smiles to him
Athina Alexandre: "Franzi.. you have a warm heart .. and thank you again for your great nice warm welcome and hospitality... tomorow we will head for Snoring Herlit..".
Endy smiles happliy at his Master, his eyes twinkling in thanks to his Master as he chews on his Master's meat (coould not resist the pun)
Athina Alexandre feels Skull's warm touch on her shoulder and looks to him with love in her eyes ... "sounds good to me "
Franziskus Ninetails: "Oh, before I forget!" - He reaches into his pouch and pulls out some coins in the palm of his hand, his eyes searching for the shimmering one in gold. He places it on the table "The first gold tarn as promised"
Athina Alexandre: "oo my belly is so full..", she slaps her belly and grins "oooh no Franzi... please keep it... we have your great hospitality allready thats enough..."
GM: Trade Complete
Athina Alexandre: "a warm bath... the honor to stay in your house... your hard working boy who served us so well from your food and wines..."
Menthu Hird looks at the coins
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head "No no! I'm a man who keeps his word! And I think when we are successfull with smuggling out the beans, then we will all make a good profit" ((and we do like to encourage the trading with GM-goods and coins a bit. That's why :-) ))
Athina Alexandre: "Well I dont know what to say, Franzis.. thank you.."
Franziskus Ninetails leans back on his seat and rubs his belly
Menthu Hird nods "If we find a good way to get the beans and sell them, we all can benefit from it, and I am glad to to hear that you are a man of your words. That was never doubted my brother."
Athina Alexandre nods.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Feel free to use the baths. I'm sure Endy will serve you anything you wish"
Athina Alexandre smiles to Endy "He is a good slave... but behind every good slave is a good Master...", she grins to Skull
Menthu Hird: "We will return after our journey to the mountains of Soarling Herlit and hopefully we have good news about the beans then. Now if you don't mind, I need to rest my tired body so that I am fresh for what is to be tomorrow"
Franziskus Ninetails nods and smiles warmly to Skull "Of course, of course. You know where the guest-room is." He once more caresses his boy's hair "You can clean up the table, my lil moonbeam"
Menthu Hird stands up and shuffles endys hair on his way to Franz ans smiles to him. "You served us well, Endy". Turning to Franzi "Let me shake your hand, Franz, before we tuck in, and I wish you a nice evening and a good night"
Athina Alexandre: "Thank you for the food and drinks, Franzi.. It was delicious!" She turns to the slave: "Thank you, Endy... you're a good boy.. you served excellent", she smiles warmly to him.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and grabs Skulls offered hand for a tight shake
Menthu Hird: "Thank you, Franz, for tonight, with food and everything"
Endy quietly collects the plates and washes them, taking care to ensure all traces of dirt are gone
Franziskus Ninetails: "Do you want to take anything up to your room? Paga for the night? Black wine? Ovomaltine?" [couldn't help THAT one. Some will understand the joke]
Athina Alexandre looks at Skull and awaits his answer to that
Menthu Hird: looks at Nev and smiles... then turns to Franz... "A little paga would be nice to bring up" He smiles to him "Thanks for asking, Franz"
Endy smiles "Ice cold as before Mistress?"
Athina Alexandre: "That would be great Endy..."
Menthu Hird nods to endy "I think we would need it cool, it always intend to be hot under the fur," he says and laughs
Endy blushes and heads to the coola. He takes the last flask of cools paga, and make a mental note to refill the flasks from the cask to cool in the morning.
Franziskus Ninetails wishes his guests a good night and sweet dreams
Athina Alexandre: "sleep well you both and thanks for the great dinner" She walks up the stairs to the bedroom to lay her painfull head on the pillow
Menthu Hird waves good night and follows her upstairs
Endy takes two goblets and carefully inspects them then taking a cloth gives them a quick wipe to ensure they are 100% clean. He walks upstairs, blushes and gently knocks at the guest room door. He hears snoring coming from the other side of the room so quietly returns downstairs with the goblet and flask. Endy whispers to his Master "I think they were exhausted, they have fallen asleep already without the aid of the paga"


After his guests went to bed, there's some noise outside. Franziskus Ninetails sighs as he hears shouting again outside "What the hell is going on out there?" He grabs his axe and bow from the cushions where he placed them and turns to take a look outside what the noises are all about. The merchant looks over to the docks, he sees some bodies moving, but in the night cannot recognize if it's Free or slave, man or woman. At least the noises seem to have stopped, so he shrugs and turns towards his housedoor again, just the moment his slave arrives.
Endy gently paces to his Master and kneels just behind him.
Franziskus Ninetails pulls the small cloak tighter around his shoulders and with a worried look gazes up to the night-sky, dark clouds hiding the three moons of Gor again, like the night before. "Hmm, that's strange, as it was a sunny day today", he mumbles. "It looks like the nights before the big rains came on Tidra. I hope it's not a bad sign!" He takes a deep breath after a last look at the night-sky, then snips his fingers "Come inside, my lil moonbeam".


River, Mater's lil Sunshine said...

(cliffhanger music .. giggles.)

Will My Master's guests find the black wine beans?
Will Endy find a new supply of paga?
Will River realise that he is nursing Audrey (the plant from the little shop of horrors?)
Does Franzi own an umbrella (ella ella ella)?

the answers to all this and more in the next episode of Soap ... no hang on thats not right ... the next episode of Kalana East, The Series (coming soon to BBC2 as a mini series)

Misha said...

ON the same BAT time on the Same Bat channel