Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Merchant's House

Sold some stuff on marketplace this week and didn't hear any complains (yet), so I think it's doing well. --- Soooooo... many people said how much they like our house in Kalana Fjord and were they could buy it too; they were quite surprised, as I told them, I built it myself. Now I made a version of it for friends of mine and as I was about that I thought "Well, why not sell it on marketplace". So here it is:


P.S.: Will add another version without the basement soon!

P.P.S:: Price is atm down to 999 L$

P.P.P.S.: Marketplace continues to categorize it as "Moderate" instead of "General". When I want to change it, it says "Successfully updated, but the text in the keywords field forced a change in the maturity level". That's strange, as the keywords are: "Gor, Gorean, Keller, cellar, basement, medieval, Torvaldsland, Torvie, Viking, house, merchant, home," - Now WTF in these words justifies a change in the maturity level???


Derren Nexen said...

That is a really nice build! Would love to see it sometime. :D

Teleny Macarthur said...

Congratulations on the sales, bestie, and about damned time you go that thing on the market! XD