Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tuesday morning

Thank God it's tuesday! I'm so glad when weekends are over. Sitting nekkid on the roof of our penthouse over the tops of the skyline of Chicago, watching the sun rising... My Kenshi went to work today. His first working-day after months. I guess, they are doing big welcome-party there. *heh* My lil bro isn't there yet. And SL seems pretty empty. Maybe there are login-issues? Only 5 people on my friendslist online...

What's new in Gor? - Hm, not much. Was waiting in Silver Tree for days, hidden and disguised to wait for my boys Mick (Wolf) and Brian. Finally got them and tried to take them to the secret island, which officially (IC) we are just discovering right now, trying to befriend the savage tribe of cat-people there, but they are naturally shy ((and too busy with shopping it seems! *heh*))...
So, I'm eager to finish the isle and start the RP. Only some trees and bushes and pathes needed. And of course some walls and doors in the cave, but those we can add within RP.
Yesterday I spend a while sparing with my Kenshi. Gee! I'm such a lousy fighter. If I really wanna become an assassin, I'd have to become much, much, much better. Got a new bow made out of bones and skulls. And nice boots with a little secret. *heh* Reading "Assassins of Gor" in RL atm to get a better picture of them.

Wasn't in a good mood yesterday after I realized, that one of my RL-kittehz had peed over my notebook and totally wrecked it. Maybe their hint that they feel neglected and I shouldn't spend so much time at the computer? However, sometimes I could kill those beasts! *growlz*

Something about SL-issues: Had the problem for days, that I couldn't walk right. Always did that "moonwalk" when I tried to walk, then swoooshed for a few meters and then moonwalk again. Tried everything... reducing lag, re-installing emerald etc etc. Till I found the solution which was just a little hook: "Advanced" ~> "Network" ~> "Velocity Interpolate Objects". After checking that, everything worked fine again. (Just mention it, if someone sooner or later experiences the same issue)

Okay, time to get dressed and continue building. Some trees are to be planted....

This I'm listening to for days: Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Love that song though I have no idea of course, what he's singing about (He's a blind Aboriginee; don't wonder about his guitar - he's left-handed and as he learned guitar, he just turned it around)

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