Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last night when I came home from work, I was hunting deer for dinner. And while I was hunting I was attacked by a supposed to be friend. Well, all IC of course. It was dark and I didn't recognize, who attacked me until.... I kicked his ass. *lol* I don't know who was more surprised - him or me.
Too bad that it was already late and I was tired. And we were interrupted by another visitor, so I better released him from his bindings. Could have been a good turn for a storyline. Well, maybe another time...

Something different: Two days ago, when I was at the capture-of-flag game in Tabor, Chance, first boy of Tabor, gave me this link. (Note to myself: Don't try to read documents, when you are in the middle of a game! I opened my browser and suddenly heard that "Aaaarrrrrgggggg", looked at my screen and recognized, that the game continued and I was already down wtihout even drawing my bow *hehe*) I totally agree with it. It's what I tried to say a while ago about the "laws" and "rules"; but Chance and Gage (don't know who that is) said it in a much better way. So if you are interested, read it!
One important point is what many players often forget: There's no such thing as fixed law all over the planet. First of all: John Norman, the author, isn't consequent in his books anyways. Second: Gor isn't a big empire like for instance the Roman empire was. It is many different cities with many different laws and customs.
People in SL-Gor throw quotas but often without any correlatin, getting their only knowledge about Gor from websites without reading a single book. For example (because I once discussed that with a musician who referred to that): "The musicians were free. Musicians on Gor, that is, members of the caste of musicians, are seldom, if ever, enslaved." - But already in John Norman's second novel, "Outlaw of Gor", there WAS an enslaved musician and poet: Andreas. It's just silly to run through SL-Gor and refer to "Gorean laws" and call a RP invalid referring to those quotas.

Why do I mention that today? Because I laughed my ass off as I read about something happened including a slave and a Free and calling for invalid and whatelse and referring to the Merchant Law of Gor. As if the Merchant Law would deal in any way with the matter of a slave attacking a Free! *lol* The Merchant Law applies only - as the name already says - to Merchants! It was just so funny and it seems to have included that boy I mentioned who I thought is interesting. At least it made me start the day with a laughter.

kk - RL-work calls. Gotta run!

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