Friday, July 16, 2010


Been on the hunt today! :-)

Well, one of the last things I need to stuff my inventory is animations and poseballs, but I didn't know, what to do. Nobody interesting was online and I'm not continuing to build or engage anyways on Tidra anymore, as it prolly closes in eight days anyways. If you always wanted to take a look... well, better do it NOW before the earthquake devours it. I guess it's nobody's fault. RL happens. Shit happens. It's just life. So, what?! *shrugs* I think I'm done then with SL also. Maybe sometimes logging in for monday's parties at Tainted Boys or for Capture-the-flag-games on thursdays. We'll see. It's just... In older days I logged in to escape the frustrations and negativeness from RL. Now I log in TO frustration and negativeness. That's not what I wanted.

Anyways... so I've been on the hunt and busy with it for about five hours. Haven't looked at all the animations and poseballs yet, but I guess 90% I will delete anyways. It was just to DO something at all.

Now RL-work calls. So, I wish all of you (except those 3 or 4...) a nice weekend. Buh bye!


Misha said...

HUGGGS!!!! building and running a sim is very hard work even when one has help. to do this alone is horrible. i do feel for you when your partner is missing in game. when matt was gone for that month you know that mick and i we kinda batty. i give you mush love and support Misha

Teleny Macarthur said...

Hang in there, my friend! Glad I got to spend a little time helping you with the hunt after I logged in this morning. See ya inworld! And, to second what you said....(and perhaps go a bit further!) Tidra is lovely... I highly recommend that any and everyone come see it before/if it gets eaten by the SL "Darkness". *hugs*