Saturday, July 10, 2010

too bad it's friday

Some news this time; not many though.

Was looking forward to the usual thursday capture-the-flag game, but not enough people came. So we were just hanging around a bit, talking about this and that, playing two games, then giving up as one of the only four players had to leave also. Hopefully next thursday there will be more again.

Friday afternoon I finally met my Kenshi for at least one hour before he had to leave again. So many bad news... *sighs* But here's not the place to talk about that.

In the evening I had the day off work. Because starting to work today very, very early, I had the evening off. So I joined spontanuously DJ Heloq at his set in a new club called "Badehaus" (The Bathhouse). Nice club, though I still prefer my favorite club Tainted Boys. The spam-gestures for my taste just toooooooo many. Always seems to me: The more crowded a club is, the lesser the chance to have a funny, entertaining chat. You try to say something, but it drowns in an ocean of "Hooooooooooooooos". Well, can be relaxing also, so I just listened to Heloqs awesome set, danced and let my mind drift off...

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Heloq Tomsen said...

Hey Franzi :-) yeah I agree too many gestures killing any conversation however sometimes that's the only way for some people to express their feelings when they're dancing like happiness, exaltation and so on. I must also say I don't even like those clubs where there's no gestures at all and no conversation (or where sex is the only topic people seem they can talk about). As usual the best is in the middle. CiaOoO