Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I have to admit: I'm not much interested in football (or "soccer" how Americans call it); only interested in the world cup games. And last saturday was a big day in the history of football: Germany vs. Argentina. Merry mood here in Germany after the great victory over Maradonna's team. And I'm a bit proud of the Germans. Not only the German team, but the Germans in general. Why so? Because in Germany most people  (of course there are exceptions everywhere) appreciated the Argentinian team as worthy adversary and treated them with respect, while at the same time Maradonna bigmouthy defamed the skills of the German team beforehand. So the victory tasted even sweeter. Here are the best moments of the game:

Tomorrow Germany will play against Spain. The famous oracle Paul, the octopus, predicted Spain's victory. He was right with all his predictions yet; let's hope he's wrong this time! Things are bad in Germany.... economy, politics, unemployment... it could use some cheer up! Panem et Circenses!

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