Tuesday, July 6, 2010

capture the flag

As I'm still busy building I don't have much time for RP, but the last two weeks I joined the "capture the flag"-games in Tabor every thursday. It's fun and a good practice for fighting-skills. Works like this:

There are two teams - red and blue. Each team has a base in it's color with their flag on it. The opponent team tries to get over, steal the flag and carry it to it's own base. When the player gets downed, he looses the flag. Another of his team-member can pick it up or one of the other team takes it back to his own base.

It's lots of fun and my fighting-skills are getting better and better, I think.

If you want to join: It's every thursday at 12.00 pm and another round at 6.00 pm SLT. Hope to see you next time!

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