Friday, July 16, 2010


Not bored today, but a bit wasted my time, which left me a bit angry. *light growl at this point* Been to Tabor again. Hm, actually I forgot, why I was there. But after a few steps a slaveboy stumbled over my feet and before I could say "Greetings" I was owner of a new boy. That was indeed a bit strange. Well, I saw, that he was new, so I thought, I'd better keep him (for now) and listen to his story and then we will see, what I can do for him.
As he was telling me his "story", which was confusing and strange in many ways, we were interrupted by an attack. I helped the Taborians defending their city. As everything was under control, I grabbed the boy and took him to Tidra, so he could tell me the rest of the story.
As far as I understood, he changed his Masters 2 times a day. And all in all he seemed like to be on meds to me. Well, I had a "brother" like that a long time ago, and he was exactly the same. Bipolar and whatever else.
Anyways, dinner called in RL and as I came back, he was offline. So over to Tabor again to play as usual the thursday's "Capture the Flag" game. Our team lost each round and it was terribly laggy, but fun anyways. One of the players, another slaveboy, seemed quite interesting. Looking forward to get to know him better. After a while on Gor you can tell very quickly if someone understands the "spirit of RP" or if not. Some are natural talents and others - though on (SL-)Gor for years - will neverever understand it. Well, he was special, good in his role, funny and a good emoter. (Apart from the fact, that he was the best fighter in the game). So, I would have liked to spend some more time with him as I really miss good RPs. But then that other boy logged in...
And started to tell me in IMs how he is eager to serve me and to become a good boy for me, giving his life for me blablabla. - Nice, but all a bit strange to me after just some hours you know somebody, even if it's "just" RP. So I hurried back to listen to the rest of his story.
And suddenly he turned 180°, told me, he wants back to his "other Master" (one of the many?) and I said, that's fine. And whoosh! He just tp'd out. Okay, he IS new, but every idiot will understand, that RP does NOT work this way. Right? Right! A

Angry I am, because he just wasted my time with his weird story and not making up his mind. I think I'm just too kind and should listen more to my guts, which told me right at the beginning already: "Leave him there! Ignore him!" *sigh*

Well, tomorrow starts weekend again with many working hours. As I'm not really enjoying SL atm, this isn't so bad as it is on other weekends.

Hm, wanted to mention something else, but forgot it. Oh, yes! Now I remember it:

Franziskus Ninetails: Lo Franziskus of Tidra
D[...] G[...]: i am D[...], Lady Z[...] is my Mentor
Franziskus Ninetails: Well met, D[...]
D[...] G[...]: Well met also Lo
Franziskus Ninetails smiles "You can call me 'Franzi"

- I thought it was funny. "Lo" is the Gorean word for "I am..." (or as question "Lo?" = "Who or what are you?")


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