Tuesday, July 6, 2010

purrrrrrrrrrs - hottie!

These days I've seen "Eclipse", third part of the Twilight-Saga. . I have to admit I started to watch the saga with the second part first - "Newmoon" - and only because of two reasons: Taylor Lautner and the wolfpack. After Taylor cut his hair and gained many pounds of muscles and running around only in shorts most of the time, he's such a hottie!

As usual the scenery and the battlescenes - especially the wolfpack of course - are cool, but it's way tooooo much of the romantic blabla... I call it Horromance, but more "...mance" then "Horro...".  Maybe because I'm not a 13yo teenage girl, I'll never understand what's sexy on Robert Pattinson? Tiger wouldn't need long to choose between the cold, pale Edward or the hot, steamy, sexy Jacob! *purrrrrrr*

However good news for all people in Seattle: It's vampire-free again! *winks*

Just wondering about one thing: When the wolfpack turns back to human they are always wearing shorts again. How logical is that?!? It's such a prude american-Hollywood thing. In a German or French movie they of course would be nekkid after the re-transformation. But prolly then have bad fangs teeth?

So, here's the trailer:

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