Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hm, pretty busy with RP these days since we opened the SIM. Savage boys are coming and playing. It will take a while till the Isle is permanently occupied, but it's a good start. Still lots of things to do though....

Yesterday we bought a weather-control system. What's a rainforrest without rain? Special thanks to Alyn Skytower, who donated for it.

In the shop with the weather-system we had some fun with riding on... uhm... elks? reindeers? no idea! But was fun. And my hubby bought me a little kitten. Ish so cute! Have to buy some toys for it!
Also found some nice furniture for the isle and accidently clicked on a pumpkin and realized later, that it was part of a hunt, so that I won a scary bubble-gum, which is funny.

Well, we started an extra blog for the Isle of Tidra to not bother my other readers with too many Gorean RP-chat-logs. And now we have to buy a bosk (a cow-like animal) for the Isle, cause I don't like my coffee black...

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