Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Open Season

I'm disappointed and enthusiastic at the same time these days. The RP on the island finally will start. Either today already or tomorrow. The island is still not finished, but the rest we can do in RP... befriend the savage tribe, discover the lost temple, furnish it with our Gorean furniture which is unknown to the tribe... things like that.

However, we get some visitors already and we want to offer them RP. Everyone who comes visiting, says it's an amazing and one of the most beautiful SIMs in SL they ever saw. Makes me a bit proud. It's really not bad, especially as it's just a homestead with restricted number of prims. I'm just a bit concerned of the scripts as we're lagging these days. But lagging everywhere else also, so it might be SL in general.

It just saddens me a bit, that those for whom I had built the island and who said "Yeah! RP for kittehs would be so much fun!", seem to be gone. Either busy with other RP or just moving on or not in SL anyways. Didn't even get a response to several call-outs in the group. It's just sad and depressing, but well... life goes on and paths part. More then once that I have to accept that.

On the other side new people are coming, so the tribe will hopefully grow. Yesterday some met and we talked about the storyline. Sitting on the raft of the lake and talking, enjoying sexy kittehs, humans, elfs around me... it was very nice though it was hard for me to relax, as so many things are still on my mind. So many things left to do...

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Marin Urdaneta said...

Since I am one of the guys who thinks your island is really outstanding - from rp'er for roleplay - I was wondering about the story line too. For once one can stop by on a voyage ... but then what .... since all other gorean SIMs ban nekos ... how can you carry a story forward without limiting rp to just this island?