Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Contact

Been a bit depressive the last evening... Now, as the island is almost finished and the RP already started, who stays away? Yes, exactly those who said, what a nice idea it would be and who encouraged us to make a RP-Sim where nekos and other mystical creatures are allowed. I'm very, very disappointed. Last night I was almost about to clean half of my friends-list.

But today we had a nice RP. The story-line so far is, that after the Tiger & Dragon chain left Silver Tree, found a shelter at the island which they called "Isle of Tidra". Thinking first it is empty, we soon discovered signs of human beings.... a cave, a plantation... Soon we also saw them hiding behind bushes and rocks: Strange savages... a tribe... But they avoided any contact and disappeared, when we stepped closer.

Today we finally managed to capture one, though the communication was a bit difficult. We hope, others of this tribe speak our language. - However, we had lots of fun with the imaginative capture and language-lesson. You can read more about it in the Isle of Tidra Blog.

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