Wednesday, September 2, 2009

relaxed evening

Mmm, what a nice day it was! First spent the afternoon with my lil devil in my arms at the beach, figuring out the rules for the island. So exited about the start of the RP. I hope, soon our brothers will come and join us and not be too busy. And we need a lot of sparing as we plan the one or other invasion and abduction. *heh*
The evening was quiet and relaxed. My Kenshi showed me his new uniform he bought:

Damn! He's so haaaaaawwwwwwwwt! Whatever he wears... or unwears.

Then he showed me his kimono... and whoa! It was exactly the same I had bought months ago for a Japanese party at ZEUS. He didn't know that, so what a coincidence is this??? *lol* Once again they will say, we look like twins.

However, we went to the gazebo in our kimonos and danced there for hours. Quiet, relaxed, loving... What a wonderful evening it was!

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