Thursday, September 3, 2009

new pets

Been shopping yesterday with my lil devil. Many new pets for the island - prianhas, electric eels, eagles, parots, spiders and... a very hungry crocodile for the swamp! That beast is so much fun! Of course the lil devil is thinking already of making handbags.

So, progress is not as fast as I hoped this week. Too much of a perfectionist. And too many distractions. Lil bro had a surprise for the closer family and he's so exited! That's good.

Well, apart from shopping, surprise and changing the gazebo for my beloved Kenshi we didn't do much. But the gazebo became so nice, beautiful and romantic, that Mick and me decided to sleep there in a bed of flowers.

1 comment:

Quagmire said...

Franz the crocodile looks very amusing. Haha!
Been nice to see you around as of late. I have missed the friendship.