Friday, September 18, 2009

The big Gor-issue

Marin asked in a comment (thank you for pointing out) below an interesting question. I might quote: "Since I am one of the guys who thinks your island is really outstanding - from rp'er for roleplay - I was wondering about the story line too. For once one can stop by on a voyage ... but then what .... since all other gorean SIMs ban nekos ... how can you carry a story forward without limiting rp to just this island?"

Of course we thought about that problem. And yes, it IS a problem, as all the Gor-SIMs are soooo narrow-minded regarding the neko-matter. - Which is a bit strange, when you think about it:

Look, John Norman really IS a bad writer; even the hardest fans have to admit that. He looses himself much too often in details, repeats them again and again... which is helpful for creating worlds in SL, as you more or less get an instruction-manual, but it's not very... uhm... belletristic.
However, one thing we have to attest him: He's imaginative in inventing not only flora and fauna for Gor, but also different races. Beside the humans there are the Priest Kings, the Kurii, the swamp-spiders, "the others", those monkey-people (forgot their name) and some more.

I'm still searching for that interview, where John Norman said, his books were starting a point and that he wanted people to expand on what he wrote, not limit it. So, why should nekos on Gor be so ridiculous and a no-go? Tell me, where in the books there's a GAY city!? (Yes, there's the one tribe, but they are more asexual, aren't they?) But yet... gay cities exist on SL-Gor. And I'm thankful for that!
So, how could especially those gay city say "Gay Gor has a right to exist, neko-Gor not!"? I think there are mentioned much more exots (similar to nekos) in the books then gays.

However, I'm aware, that we won't revolutionize SL-Gor. We won't be accepted as nekos in most SIMs. That's very strange, as most Goreans I've talked to, have a neko (or other mystic creature) in their inventory or as an alt. The individuals like it to 99%, the mass reject it. Isn't that funny and sad at the same time? How often do you have the same phenomen in RL? How often do you hear "I as individual agree, but what could I do as a single guy against the social pressure?"
Well, in SL... don't they/you restrict yourself? Restrict your own fun? There are lots of possibilities to expand the RP-fun. Imagine exots captured on the island by slavers, trying to sell them on the slave-markets in Gorean cities... Tribesbrothers invating the cities by night, trying to rescue their brothers...

But yes, I know: It's an impossible dream because of the narrowminded bulk in SL-Gor. And I have to admit: I'm too tired and exhausted to fight. Especially after exactly those of my neko earth-brothers, who said "Oh, cool! We want to RP!" now are not to be seen anymore. Well, they are kittehz, they never know, what they want. *sighs* The only kitteh that comes to play is my bro Kyne (smooch and thanks, bro!); the others won't mind, if they are neko or human. And we are about to clean the group pretty soon and renew the rules, if things don't change. Why should I waste my energy for people who are not interested at all? (And if you hear some disappointment and frustration out of this, then you are right).

The jungle-theme however is justified by the books. Like on earth there's a rainforrest and jungle around the equator of Gor, starting with the Port of Schendi (not in SL), going over in Ubar Bila Huruma's Ushindi.

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