Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first version of rules

Worked the whole afternoon on the upcoming rules for our island together with my lil devil.

As I did read a bit in "Assassins of Gor" (I cannot mention enough, that Norman is a really, really bad writer. It's no joy at all reading those books.) I had two thoughts all the time.

First thought: "They will say, nekos & co on Gor is ridiculous. I know it!" (First.five thought: "Well, but 'ridiculuous' means 'fun', no?")

Second thought: "Oh my, THEIR picture of Gor is so wrong also!" (like for instance treating slaves like objects. I never seen that in the books till now, but I haven't read them all yet)

However, the permission for nekos and other non-human Avatars will cause lots of troubles with outside, but hopefully many fun "inside".

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