Friday, September 11, 2009

am I a bitch?

Sweet Misha wrote an article about "The Alliance of Bad RP" last week. And I so agree. I don't say, that ALL of them are bad RPers. I don't say, that I'm such a good RPer (often lacking of the right words and still not familiar enough with some Gorean customs), but this is so typical and happens in 95% of group-chat:

[2009/09/11 4:45] XYZ: Tabor is under attack by the DL, we need help
[2009/09/11 4:54] XYZ: i see the DL in North Tabor at the opposite of the fort
[2009/09/11 4:55] ABC: hes with me
[2009/09/11 4:55] XYZ: [4:55] Bac Compton shouts: ((dean you have another vitcim here LOL))
[2009/09/11 5:02] Franziskus Ninetails sees a bird flying nervously over his head, he draws his bow and aims. To his own surprise the bird falls hit by the arrow to his feet. He takes the dead dove, detaches the little scroll from its leg and reads the letters "Tabor is under attack by the DL, we need help". He smirks and shakes his head, thinking "oh, when will you ever learn to RP?", crumples the piece of paper and tosses it over his shoulders

I couldn't help to add my comment. Gaining some more enemies on Gor, I guess. But I just had to say something!
So, why bad RP?

First of all: Why getting in panic when one single outlaw is seen in the city? Have you ever read in one of the books, that the whole city paniced, when there entered an outlaw? Well, maybe Bac is not a simple outlaw and he surely knows how to kick ass, but isn't it a bit overreacted? That's how the drama always starts: Instead of granting some people a good RP, it ends in mass-attacks. And the one party calls for help, the other party calls for help, therefore the one party calls for more help... and at the end it's just a mess of Gorcraft with senseless fighting, lagging out the SIM and no possibility for any RP at all.

But lets say, there is a COS on the one. Then it might be wise to call the city-guards or maybe ring the alarm-bell. However, first of all call in the city itself. Would a Gorean city ask an allied city for help because of one outlaw entering it's city-limits? I don't think so.

But lets accept even this, cause it is SL and the cities are not as crowded as they would be in the books. But IF you call for help to the allies in the group chat, then why not keeping it RPed and valid? Why not sending something like this: "/me promenades through the quiet streets of Tabor. Suddenly he recognizes a dark shadow sneaking around the fort of Northern Tabor. Curiously he pulls the builder's glasses of his belt and takes a closer look. He backs off as he recognizes the robe of the Dark Lord. Quickly hurrying home into the safety of the infirmary, as wearer of the green robe unable to fight the evil outlaw himself, he closes and locks every door before he sits down at his desk and scratches a quick note on copy-paper "Dear allied friends! I've seen the Dark Lord in our city of Tabor. The warriors and guards of Tabor are all out and I'm alone. Can you send some warriors for support to Tabor, please?", signs the paper and the copies and rushes to the roof of the infirmary. Grapping several birds he attaches the copies on their legs and sends them out to all winds. Watching them flying towards the allied cities he sighs relieved, sure that help and support of the reliable allies are near."

Wouldn't that be much better? However, Kenshi and me went OOC, took a place in first row at the Dark Path, munched some popcorn and watched the Dark Lord kick some ass. So it was fun... somehow

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