Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh God, it's weekend!

As already mentioned in the Isle of Tidra blog: The weekend started no good! Kenshi and Mick got the flu and if that wouldn't be enough, I damaged the terraforming of the isle by accident. Not sure, how it could happen. I tried to flatten a small piece of land, selected the small area and clicked on "apply" several times, till it was flat enough. But it seems, I mis-clicked and I did not only flatten the selection but the whole SIM. I just recognized it, when Kyne cried for help as he was drowning. And all that happened right before I had to go to work and just that moment also arrived some of my favorite RPers on the island. I was headless and close to a nervous break-down. All the work for weeks... going along the coast... smoothing and adjusting every meter of the isle. Now I sent a support ticket to Linden in the hope that a rollback could undo the damage. Till now I got no reaction. Keep your fingers crossed! Otherwise there will be another few weeks of work. *sighs*

So, that is that. What else? Been dancing with my Kenshi on wednesday, but the club-scene isn't what it was before. Just one party-gesture after the other. So I just listened to the music and talked to my love in IMs.

Thursday much RP with Mick. And friday... well, yeah. Better forget that day! So, it's weekend now and that means lots of RL-work. Maybe helps to wait more patiently for the reaction of Linden instead of checking my eMail every 5 minutes for a (positive) answer...

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