Sunday, June 15, 2008

engagement party

Yesterday was Clintons and Coreys engagement-party. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about it. I was afraid of another 2 hours of hell. But at the end it was fun.

I met Clinton for a few minutes before I went to work. Told him about my disappointment and got a big hug from him. That was nice.

After RL-work I had some time before the party started, so I did some SL-work. Means: Had a client and earned some money.

Party was really ok. Had fun. Prince was there too of course. Dunno if he just doesn't care or if he doesn't recognize we broke up or whatever. But I have to admit: He was so damn sexy! I watched him secretly changing his clothes in a corner. And recognized, that I still love him with all my heart. But there's no hope in loving someone who just isn't able to love back. I just accepted it, trying to stay friends, but keeping distance if I want to survive this and keep a minimum of self-respect. It's prolly not his fault. I should have known it before, so I don't blame him.

After party was over I went home. Needed some silence. I invited Kyne and he came over. We snuggled on my new rug. I'm really very fond of that thingens and want to advertise it. It's cheap, but the animations are soooo nice and hot.
So, however... we snuggled and cuddled and finally things happened that had to happen: We became very incestuous. I was very happy as he said at the end, that this was definitely worth waiting for. I enjoyed it very much too.
He's away for a few days now (on vacation) and I miss him already. He was there for me and listened to me a lot in the last 2 weeks. *sigh* I'm glad, that I have such a sweet little brother.