Thursday, June 5, 2008

just saying hi

Didn't write for some days. Been so busy - spending time with my prince. Oh, we had such a good time! I just love to be with him. Although sometimes I'm afraid I'm becoming too much - sticked to his heels, looking over his shoulder all the time, watching his moves, his butt shaking, when he walks... *sigh*

I don't even remember what else I did the last days. hm... I only remember that tuesday was a weird day. Strange potential clients, then an arguement with an (ex-)co-worker where I didn't even know, what I did wrong. And nobody else could tell me too. Guy became weird and angry with tiger. And tiger only wanted to help. Tiger doesn't like fighty, tiger loves harmony! Lost my balance for a while. No good. >>/me shakes head << style="font-weight: bold;">everybody proved: They like tiger and don't accept someone's talking bad about him. I felt warm and safe somehow.
But strange - I'm a little sorry for that guy. I don't know, what his problem is or was. He's been ejected from the agency after insulting Clint too. And instead of being glad I'm just sorry for the little weirdo. Asking myself what his problem is. Asking myself how to help him being less upset. Don't want anybody to be unhappy. Dunno. I should just stop thinking about him. But can't. I had a strange feeling about him in the beginning, but on the other side I somehow liked him. Hm...

What else? Oh, Corey asked me to be one of his groomsmen. I feel so honored! Have no idea what a groomsman has to do apart from standing beside the groom. We considered a hip-humping on the way to the altar, but maybe that's not appropriate?

Oh my! I got a generous tip on tuesday. But as I told: It was the weird day. So, that tip was weird too. I gave part of it back. Foolish tiger I am. But he returned it to me. And I paid 10 % to the agency. Just felt better. Clinton said I don't have to, but they are working hard, so I wanted to show, that I appreciate their work. - However, rent for the next month is paid and some money was left for some clothes. Now I'm almost blank again. >>/me shakes head again<<

Started to furnish the living-room. But prims are running out. Gee! How can that be? Never enuff of it. I found a rezzer and thought, it would solve part of the prim-problem, but it only can rez copy-objects. That doesn't help much. Well, I could have rezzed the whole house with it, if I had known that before. But it's too late now.

Okay, have to do some RL-stuff now. Spent too much time in SL again. But it's so much nicer there. Forgetting RL-problems all the time. Would like to switch RL off or maybe reboot it to get rid of the damn lag!

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