Friday, June 13, 2008

happy after all

Oh, two days gone again, no time to write. First of all: Made some quick nude-shots for an application. Although I was in hurry I think they aren't too bad. I add them here randomly. Do I have to set the blog to "mature content" finally?

Okay, let me think what happened in the last two days... - Wednesday was ok. Been busy in RL, but sneaked in as I saw that beloved prince is on. Wanted to make things up. And we did. Was so happy!

As I awake late that night, prince wasn't there. So I went to a dance contest "best neko in shorts". While I was dancing, he came online and danced with me. I was so laggy that I couldn't do much. Not even talking most of the time. Rammy came too. And finally - OMG!!! - I won (!!!) the contest. I couldn't believe it. You know: Everybody says tiger is hawt, but I'm still insecure. Sure, tiger likes himself, but there are so many other hotties out there... Much hotter than tiger.
Strange thing anyway: The way tiger sees himself and the way others recognize him. Corey told me the other day I was the most socialising person he ever met. Hello? Me?!?!? I'm the shyest person I know. No kidding! When they call THAT socializing, then what would they say if I wouldn't delete 2/3 of my chat, because I'm too shy and insecure to send it? Or if I could talk German, where I would be much faster?

Well, prince had to go to bed soon. I couldn't hug him good-night, cause I was still busy in the contest, but things seemed ok. We were saying good-night in IMs and I didn't worry. Hoped for the next day where we wanted to spend a lot of time together.

I don't know exactly, what I did the rest of the night. Really! Don't know it. Was too tired. I think I was practising the planned wedding-present for Corey and Clinton. Showing it to my sister Nia and to Kyne (who didn't see much of it cause of his rezzing-problems).
But I'm not so sure about the present anymore. I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. Had very hard days the last week and none of the two asked what the problem is. Well, they are busy and they got enuff problems with their former landlord and they can't care about every problem of their staff-members and they may think they better keep out of it and... well, may have many reasons. But just a little hug would have been nice. Tiger loves huggies. Tiger needs huggies.
Soooo, it's business, not friendship, I guess. And the present would be very expensive. I'm not sure if I should really buy it. But as it's immaterial in some way, I could use it later... So it's not decided yet. Still waiting for prince's opinion.

And I made the pictures for the application for Spiritz. - You remember the club I was ejected from the other day? Met Kiefer at the contest again and talked about it. He gave me an application form, so I made some nude-pics for it.

I ended at a club with Kyne; the place where D. and Tim are working. At last I gave a short visit to the interim-Blubar-club, but it wasn't fun at all. I was too tired.


Thursday I was busy RL. Not much sleep and waiting for a friend for a spanking-session. He didn't arrive at time, so I got a little concerned. While I waited, I logged in and met Kiefer who hired me immediately for the club without any interview. We danced and talked a little, then my RL-date came and I had to go.

Oh my... that date was a mess! I felt so bad afterwards. And all I could think of was to run into prince's arms and get hugged and kissed and tell him the whole story.... But before I logged in, I read his journal and - oh, no!!! - he was so disappointed and sad about his tiger. It was a big misunderstanding but caused a very long discussion. Another arguement. And I wasn't prepared for it. So I gave up finally. Went to PGC for dancing and distraction, but everything was going on my nerves. As Kiefer arrived, I was dancing with him. Silent. But couldn't concentrate on any chat. Then prince arrived and danced at the other side of the dancefloor. Oh my, how I wished to run to him and hold him and hug him and kiss him... but didn't dare.
As he finally IMd me and told me that this is no fun without me, I was so happy. I told him to come over and join us. Well, it was a little funny, cause we ran around the dancefloor to meet each other... We didn't talk, but I felt connected again. And that was so good!

Too bad I had to go to my first performance at Spiritz then. But it was good that prince allowed me to kiss him and I was hopeful. I wouldn't have survived that first performance when I would have still been in arguement with him.
The club itself... hm, what should I say? Tips were lousy. The security guy (yeah, the same who ejected me before) annoying, begging every 2 minutes "Don't forget to tip the security too!". Oh my! You don't do that. You just don't do that! I don't know any dancer who would say "Don't forget to tip me!". It's embarrassing enuff when the host says something like "Show the dancers some linden love!", but no dancer ever begs for tips himself. A question of honor!
However... apart from that and lousy tips and apart from being far away from a gay-club as Kiefer had told me --- yes, I was the only male dancer. And guests were 90% lesbians, I guess. Hello?! No chance for gay tigers! But other dancers didn't get more tips, so it wasn't only my disappointment.... ---- So, apart from all that I indeed had fun. I danced with a female dancer, Helen. Added her to my huddles, so we did erotic dancing together and really looked hot together!

We started to chat in IM a little, what's a little difficult, when you're supposed to concentrate on open chat. And suddenly she asked "Are you deaf or hard of hearing?" - Oh my, I panicked! For me it sounded like she yelled at me. And I thought I overheard something very important in open chat. I searched chat-history up and down, but couldn't find anything. Gee! I was sooooo nervous. But then I remembered something as I checked Kiefers profile; so I checked hers and .... yeah! Both are members of "Deaf gays and lesbians". Whew! So, it wasn't the chat, she just really wanted to know, if I'm deaf in RL.
That was the moment I checked, that Kiefer is deaf too. And prolly some of the other guys and girls at the club? Didn't check that yet. (Oh, and today I recognized another little secret about Helen, but I won't tell here. Promise, sweets!)
However it was fun at the end. We had a staff-meeting for another hour. Most of it because the security guy annoying the guests with his begging. And some organisation stuff; but I'm new there, so I couldn't say anything. And of course I was eager to fall in prince's arms soon.

Finally I could go and ran to my love. We hugged and hugged and hugged. And hugged a little more. Forget the world around us. Was sooooo good. I hope we stop fighting and arguing and hurting each other now.
Damos was there too. We danced a little and Spanks and me turned Damos on. - Damos really surprised me. Didn't know what to think of him in the beginning, but he actually is a really nice guy and I start to like him a lot. Wouldn't have something against a threesum with him. But especially this night I was glad, that prince and me ended twosome in his castle, me bringing him to bed. *sigh happily*

Wasn't left much after prince fell asleep. I bought a cuddle-rug at the shop of Kynes boyfriend. It's a really nice rug and not expensive. I love it! I think I'll buy one for prince too, if he wants one. And maybe some for the frathouse. I already asked, if Kynes BF could make a bigger one for more then two frats (but now found out, that it's based on MLP, so there are no more then 2 poseballs possible).

Ended with a nice talk with Kyne on my new rug in front of the fireplace of my beachhouse. And finally fallen asleep with Kyne in my arms. Such a nice new little brother I have, but very incestuous thoughts... hehe

Well. RL calls soon. And tonight's important party at Badpuppy. Somehow I missed *why* it is so important, but as they all they so... Important for me is to meet my prince again and to dance and flirt with him like in the times before this messy week. I hope that's over now and we both can be happy together again.


Jordyn Carnell said...

WOW! that's some post! U are adorable! Sooo many things to throw a comment at.. I guess i'll just say I like your friends and wanna try being a neko sometime.. and.. "everyone needs love" and leave it at that..

Franziskus said...

Hey, sexy! Wow, you've been really busy commenting! Thank you, darling

/me gives you a big, longlasting tiger-hump

Jordyn Carnell said...

every blog needs at least one commenter! I'm sure u got a lot of fans that are just quiet about it!

Jordyn Carnell said...

i got to take a bit of time off from commenting tho.. got some rl to attend to!

Franziskus said...

awwwww! - But no, don't think there are too many readers here. Tiger's too chatty and people don't wanna read that much.

Most readers come via Google search for "public spanking". LOL

Jordyn Carnell said...

Too "chatty" for comments?! Bad Tiger!

/me looks at Tiger sternly and motions Tiger to come to him.. "now bend over and face away Tiger"

"this is gonna hurt you more than ts gonna hurt me" ~grins~

Franziskus said...

Tiger looks a little confused, but shrugs, lifts his tail and bends over anyway

Jordyn Carnell said...

/me give Tiger the gentlest of pats and then hugs him..

"good tiger" /me grins

"you've done nothing wrong.. i was just teasing you to get a nice look at your butt"