Monday, June 30, 2008

Red Devil Tiger

LOL - That picture always cheers me up! - Yesterday JC invited me to a soccer-party. And tiger created the dress of his hometown soccer-team. Even had red horns as the soccer team is called "Red Devils". Oh my, looked sooo cute somehow. But to be honest: I have no idea about soccer!

Well, don't wonder about tiger being a little silent. Started a very serious entry and somehow I'm not able to finish it. Not even sure if I should post it or delete it.

Tiger isn't in the best mood. Feels a little lost. A little disappointed too. And confused and torn - but that's the usual state of tiger. *hehe* So, read more in the next days...

1 comment:

Jordyn Carnell said...

you looked good!

and don't feel bad.. i played some soccer a long time ago.. and i don't remember any of it (other than that the bigger kids wiped the field with me)