Sunday, June 15, 2008


Before I went to RL-work today I coincidently found out reading JC's Blog that there are two of our pictures in Brady's Gallery! Of course I had to log in immediately and take a look at it. Gee! We look hawwwwwt! Hope I get copies of the pictures soon!

Oh, and as I came back from RL-work, I found lots of comments of JC. I think he almost left a comment on every thread. Seemed to have fun reading tigers blog. Kewwwwl! Thank you, sweety!

I think I've seen him several times before at parties, but a sexy guy like him would never recognize a shy little tiger like me. */me clearing his throat* He reminds me a little of the young Chad Allen, but maybe it's just the cowboy hat he's always wearing?

Oh, we had really lots of fun taking those pictures. Wished, SL would always be fun like that!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

enjoy reading Tiger's blog very much.. and everyone should comment on blogs they like.. I always do!