Sunday, June 15, 2008

I will Sir5

Friday was such a mess again. Oh my, when will tiger finally find his balance back?

Nothing was as expected. And Badpuppy was two hours of hell. Clinton said "We need our tiger there!", and I felt honored, but all they needed was my dance-huddles. *grrrrr* So I had to try to link everyone, everybody "yelled" (IM) at me, Clinton commanded me around "Link him! Do this! Do that!" and I had to fight all the time not to crash. And all this after... Well, I won't talk about it yet. Let's just say, I finally accepted, that a special someone is just coldhearted and cruel and selfish and doesn't recognize love, when it bites him in the ass. Everybody told me before, now I finally recognized (or accept) it myself.

So... Greg was DJing and I wanted to hear GGs "I will survive" fitting to my mood. But I have the impression, some don't understand, why I'm always afraid that the disco-ball would crash down on me, when I hear that song. So, here's the video:


Jordyn Carnell said...

Yes Tiger.. you WILL survive..

That video is "no longer avaialble" :(

Franziskus said...

refresh page, then it works.

Jordyn Carnell said...

ouch.. that video is both funny and sad at the same time.. i LUV it