Friday, June 20, 2008


Gee, it was late last nite! Well, for me it was early morning. Did a dance-job at MileHigh very late, together with Mykel, Nikita and Art. All in leather. I wanted to go butch with streetfighter skin and mohawk and... Man! I DID look butch. So butch that I didn't recognize myself. So I changed again. Didn't feel comfy with that. - However, it was lots of fun in the beginning, flirting and dirty talking. But at the end everyone became quiet and I was the only one talking. That's frustrating, when others are either caught in IMs or afk. Not to tell about no tipping at all. But I had fun anyway, so what.
The other dance-job at Spiritz earlier that night was even more frustrating. What chance does a gay boy have, when the guests are straight males or lesbian women? I did all the entertainment, talked to the guests, made some nice poofs and stuff, whereas the two girls only camped their av's and didn't say much at all. But they go tipped and I got nothing. So unfair! Maybe they are flirting with the guests in IMs? Maybe I'm not as entertaining as I think but just annoying? I dunno.
In between both gigs I spent a little time at home. Relaxed. Talked in IMs. Then got invited by JC to Jakes. I like it there. There's entertaining communication, not only annoying Woohoooos. It was pinch-day and I pinched a lot. Didn't get pinched much myself. So tiger worries about his looks now. :-(
But we spread the JC-virus. Means: I found that gesture "Save a horse, ride a cowboy" and gave it the shortcut "/JC". Hehe, that's fun when everybody uses it as soon as he appears somewhere. Too bad I had to leave for the MileHigh-dancejob.
Oh, and before the job at Spiritz I was at the cellar. And Spanks was there too. *sigh* He's still confusing my emotions. One moment I feel we both had the urge to fall into the others arms and hug and kiss for hours, the next moment there comes a remark (from him as well as prolly from me) which cuts the invisible tie between us. So maybe that tie was just wishful thinking on my side. I dunno.
Oh, and Damos came back. He showed up late at MileHigh. Poor boy has to do active duty on the military cause of some fluting rivers. Very exhausted and tired and dirty and smelly he was (mjamm!). And has to go on this weekend with sandbagging. Best wishes to you, hun!
And sweet Kyne came back too from his vacation. Had no chance to talk to him much. Wanted to play with him at Jakes, but he's always crashing. I had a little bad concious that I didn't take myself enuff time to talk (and play) with him somewhere at home, but I just wasn't ready for it.

Well, that was my thursday. And wednesday? Was all for Dafydd's and Tim's wedding. The ceremony was wonderful, even if some problems were going on and Damos was missing as groomsman. I was more nervous then groom and groom, I guess. After the ceremony there was some time to kill. Didn't know what to do, cause I didn't want to change my gorgeous outfit. So, as party started... I became an emotional mess immediately. All those love-tunes played in the beginning... oh my! I started to cry and couldn't stop the next half hour. But of course it was a happy day for the others, so I just stayed silent. It became better as music changed into dance-music.
Late at night JC invited me to a performance, so I left the party (most guests were gone already, one of the grooms too). Was okay, cause I needed some chill-out. And I joined JC at that performance of an artist who did some talking, showed pictures and played piano. It was nice and relaxing. Loved it and was a wonderful ending of my night.

So, you see.... not much happened in tigers life. Had the impression I wasted too much time. Should use it for cleaning my inventory, working on the frathouse and stuff like that. Instead of doing that, I'm strolling around, searching for parties and distraction. Should change that...


Jordyn Carnell said...

um.. i should clean out my inventory too.. but i like talking to people.. and shopping for stuff.. so, i never get around to it..

btw.. added your blog to my blogroll..

Franziskus said...

oh, thankies to you!

*hump hump*