Thursday, June 26, 2008


Tiger feels good. But I don't have much to tell.

Met Rammy yesterday and we had some good talking for hours. I recognized: I missed that! Some serious conversation about politics, history, culture etc. Well, nobody knows tiger as good as his brother Rammy, even if our lifes gone different ways in the last weeks.

Met Kyne then for a while and had some incestuous fun with the little brother. *hehe* Too bad, he got such a bad connection and is slow loading.

Hm, what else? Went to Hot 'n Hung with Tim for an hour naked dance. Then I put my jockstrap on for the jockstrap party at WET. Isn't it amazing? One should think, when you go to a jockstrap-party you have to take clothes OFF. mmmm, naughty tiger! So, Tim, Conner and Kyne were there too. And although NONE of those three were able to vote for me I won the contest with five votes! *purrrrr* 500 Lindens. That's fine! Especially after I didn't work the whole week. Well, after tipping the DJ and the GM there was only half of it left, but that's oki.

Oh, and yesterday I suddenly recognized that I forgot to tell about Prom night on saturday. How could I forget?!? Dancing with JC and the other hot guys? mmmmmmmm We all looked so good, but poor tiger was in lag-hell again. I dunno, what it is. I took off everything: XCite-parts, all my HUDs, name-tags... nothing helped. Too bad that I missed the after-party, cause it got too late for me and had to work a few hours laters.

Well, that's it so far. Spanks wasn't there yesterday. He takes a break and will be away for the weekend. Is oki. Hope he's well.

No pics today. I forgot to take. Should really take more pics....

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