Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tiger is back

Oh my, so much to tell again. Found a master on friday. Made up with prince on saturday. Was so happy for two days. Had a session with that master. Prince couldn't handle it. Which is a little ironic, but okayyyy.... - Hm, so we tried to talk it out, insulted another, hurt each other... the usual.

So, what's REALLY new? New is, that after a very, very long day and night of talking and chatting to different friends, someone opened Tigers eyes. Someone I didn't expect to. And surprise: After a short sleep today, tiger found something he had missed for a while: His balance, power and strength!

However, I refuse to beat around the bush anymore. No searching for hints and signs, questioning myself "Does he love me as I love him? Is there a chance to get him back?" etc. - Nope! I just say it frankly: Yes, I love him. Yes, I miss him. Yes, I want him back. But no, not under any circumstances. We once said "no obligations", but it doesn't work without them. That's what makes the difference between fuckbuddies and lovers. I tried to bend myself, but that wasn't good for both of us. So, tiger is here! Take him or leave it, prince! But be prepared. And tiger is prepared too. If necessary ready for being collared. But if you don't want to, then it's okay too. Tiger finds his way. And that is this.

Well, about the master... Hm, what to say? He's nice to tiger and gave him the feeling he cares for him. If reborn powerful tiger want's that anymore? Dunno. Will talk to him later. He will understand. And that's the good thing about him.

Apart from that, dunno what happened. Didn't work, did neglect friends. Had not much sex. It's really time for changes!

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