Friday, June 27, 2008

"Save a horse - Ride a cowboy" or just "/JC"

Wanna talk about that cowboy. Sexy thingens! How can someone who never gets naked (well, except for some photoshootings...) and doesn't care much about clothing either (jeans, a cowboy-hat... so that's it) be so damn hot???

Well, you know: Tiger is very good in figuring out other people. It's that little kinda empathic thingens. Dunno about that; ' guess it's just a kind of over-sensitivity and special attention. But this is one of the few cases tiger has no idea. Maybe it's just the fact that tiger can't accept such a popular guy is even interested into knowing little tigers like me? - Hm, strange: Tiger still feels mousy (just found that word in the dictionary. Dunno if it fits!? But of course I looooove it! "mousy...." *hehe*) in a big crowd of hot and sexy people. - Polite distance and frankly flirting at the same time. That's confusing tiger like me. Awwww, tiger better keeps his paws off and so he always has to fight the urge to shred that cowboys clothes. Well, he can leave the hat on... *purrrrrrrr*

However, late night yesterday (well, early morning for tiger) JC invited me and others for party-hopping. Was funny as I was naked at another party, got dressed quickly with next best clothes I found (which was in fact a gorgeous ensemble of hot gothic stuff) and was tp'd to a party where almost everybody was... well, nekkid! Brought Tim and my little bro Kyne with me. Poor Kyne... so slow rezzing. He misses all the fun of watching naked hot guys!

After a little dancing we hopped to the next party, but I couldn't stay long as master came online and commanded me to him. Well, in fact he didn't really "command" me. He said hello and asked if I had fun, but I wanted to see him, so I more or less offered him to command me. Which sounds a little paradox, doesn't it?

Well, what happened then is another story...


Jordyn Carnell said...

/me Growwwwwllllzzzzz

Jordyn Carnell said...

and "/JC"

heh heh.. AT LEAST 50 ppl have that now..