Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I got a pet! Well, a really BIG pet! It's a gift from my sweet prince. - Yesterday he said, he wanted to buy me a kitty but I should take a look first. Well... the kittehs were cute, but I was so fond of a panther and/or a tiger. So he bought me a white tiger. As I saw the price I couldn't help to shout out loud: "Are you crazy?!?" - *sigh* - Yeah, it was pretty expensive. And he shouldn't make me such expensive gifts. But.... I'm so happy with Byakko!

Yes, Byakko - that's how I called him. Means "white tiger", like my Clan's name. I played with him for hours. Brought him to the neighbor-parcel too. Showed him Premier Escorts too. Everybody was so fond of him. I'm so proud of my new pet!


But don't ask how long it took me, to make him holding still for this snapshot!

Oh, I forgot to mention: At the pet-shop I rode on a donkey. Looked so funny. And that beast was crazy! I had the impression it smiled too as I took the snapshot, but you don't see it on the photo...

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