Monday, May 12, 2008

A Girl called Harmony

I like the title. It's a song played by "Attrition". Heard it this weekend on the media-stream of our parcel. And it fits to the saturday. Saturday was a good day, full of harmony. If you want to hear the song, watch this video of a Russian filmmaker:

You can download the song as mp3 for free on the homepage of "Attrition".

But now let me tell about the loooong weekend.

Saturday I sneaked in before RL-work. Met Jayson and he told me, he met a guy he knew before. There's a chance that he and him can come together in RL, but he said he don't wanna loose me as his boyfriend. *sigh* I tried to give him free and told him, he should try it. There will never be a chance for us in RL, and he deserves to become happy in RL too. He asked, if it doesn't work out, if he could come back to me then. But I couldn't promise that. He was so desperately afraid loosing me, that I agreed at the end that I'd stay his boyfriend, to encourage him to meet that other guy in RL, and if it does work out, I'll give him free.
Well, saturday evening he told me that other guy already lost interest. *sigh* again...

Then there was another party at the Vampiri club or garden... well, I should say "there was planned another party", cause nobody showed up. Neither the dancers, nor the DJ, nor guests. Myself neither, but I had to work ((RL)); Mylord knew about it. I felt very sorry for mylord. That's just frustrating. He had done such a good work with the club. I hope sooner or later people will appreceate the club. I'm so eager to entertain and dance for the guests! And then he told me, that he gives up the escort-agency. He didn't want to get his son Spanki in more trouble.
Well, Spanki invited us both over to the club of Premier Escorts. Nice dancing, me playing with a hot neko.... purrrrrrrr - However, to make things short: I'm now an escort at Premier too! And a few minutes later I had my first client. Another one already asked for an appointment. Cool! I love that job already! I was a little nervous, didn't know exactly, what client expected of me, but he said, it was purrfect, so it seems I wasn't too bad.
Altogether it was a really good day. And I was so happy that Mylord and his son are nice to each other again!

Sunday was not as good. I wanted to clean my closet. And to take pictures for my calling card as escort. And to write my notecard. And... and... and... - But I have to admit: I'm a little exhausted and tired. So many things on my mind. So much to do. And I have no idea, where I should start.
So I just went to a neko-party "Leather and lace", but there weren't much gay nekos there. Well, at least I won the contest... well, one of 4 winners. I gave the 200 Lindens to the dancing girls though they didn't convince me. I'm paying attention a lot to the work of dancers these days, but I have to say: Most of them are bad and don't deserve any tips! A good dancer has to entertain the guests, try to integrate them, make them feel recognized and comfy, so that they want to stay and enjoy the party. Most of the dancers only use some annoying party-woooooohhhhooooo-gestures and don't really care for the guests anyway.

After that party I was just tired. Talked to my kitten, but Douggie is a little angry with me, cause I let Jayson back into my life. I begged him to give Jayson a second chance (and he really tries hard!). Well, my little one was distracted from IMs, so it wasn't much fun to talk to him at all. And a big lag in SL didn't help either to cheer up my mood. At the end nothing worked. So I decided to go to bed soon. I really should get a little more sleep! It was the first night for more then 2 weeks I slept 7 hours. Each other night I only slept 4 1/2 - 5 hours. Tiger needs a few more cat naps, I think!

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